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Buzz Deck free apk BETA version download safe

Buzz Deck free apk BETA version download

Buzz Deck free apk BETA version download

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Latest Update:02/03/2011


Buzz Deck free apk BETA version download Summary:

Buzz Deck free apk BETA version download: The way we consume news and information is changing all the time. Buzz Deck offers a new format for checking both news channels and social networks on your Android phone. Buzz Deck is based around a card-based interface, similar in design to the Palm Pre operating system. Each card relates to a different subject, social network or web service, and is filled with the latest news stories or posts.
The news streams contain content garnered from a number of sites and blogs, pulling each into the compact, differently colored cards. You can then read the post within the card simply by tapping on the headline. Viewing and scrolling a story is effortless, although Buzz Deck does lack support for viewing video content within a card. If you click the icon to Like a story, Buzz Deck will remember and deliver more of these kind of stories in future. There’s also a feature for sharing stories via email or IM. The great thing about Buzz Deck is that the cards are totally customizable. You can add your own cards based around the news streams that interest you (the selection ranges from wrestling to parenting), feeds from web services such as YouTube, Google and Picasa, or updates from your social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, MySpace, etc.) It’s worth noting that Buzz Deck is mainly designed for reading feeds, so many of the features of these social networking sites aren’t integrated into this app.

Source Softonic


  • Gorgeous, easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable cards
  • Supports many social networking sites
  • Slick scrolling and zooming
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread support)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet support (hopefully other tablets as well, but only tested on GTab)
  • Bug fixes


  • Limited to 10 cards
  • Video can’t be viewed within the app

Buzz Deck free apk BETA version download

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