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Emerge Desktop – Customized Desktops App Download free

Emerge Desktop – Customized Desktops App Download

Platform:Microsoft Windows
Genre:Desktop customization software, Customized Desktops
Size:3.0 MB
Latest Update:21/06/2012


Emerge Desktop – Customized Desktops App Summary:

Emerge Desktop – Customized Desktops App Download: Windows Explorer is not exactly the best file management system in the world but it does its job and Windows users don’t have many other options. However, Emerge Desktop is an interface replacement for Windows Explorer that doesn’t really change the fundamental structure but does change the shell. Emerge Desktop works by providing a system tray called emergeTray which provides instant access to programs that are normally accessed with the Windows “Start” menu via a right-click on the desktop, As Microsoft have moved further towards opening up the code to Windows, Windows Explorer is one area that is undergoing improvement by various developers and Emerge Desktop takes advantage of this increased access to API calls.
Each part of Emerge Desktop (the tray and the taskbar) are individual executables called applets. These applets are all optional as part of Emerge Desktop and can be run individually on top of any other shell, including Explorer. Using Emerge Desktop’s applets is a slightly slower experience than using Windows Explorer on its own but once you get used to it, it feels and looks a lot better. However, it can be annoying if you want to change back to Explorer because you have to reboot or log off to change back. To do this, just right click anywhere on the desktop and select “Settings” and “Change Desktop Shell”.

Source Softonic


  • Adds applets to Windows Explorer
  • Makes Explorer more GUI based
  • AutoSize ‘wrap at’ to allow limiting the number of icons per row/column when autosize is enabled



  • Requires reboot to change back to Explorer shell
  • Fixed regression in emergeHotkeys where other non-Emerge hotkeys would not behave properly

Emerge Desktop - Customized Desktops App Download

User Interface
User Rating: 3.35 ( 1 votes)

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