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Soldier of Fortune 100% Save Game free all bug fixed download

Soldier of Fortune 100% Save Game

Developer:Raven Software
Title:Soldier of Fortune 100% Save Game
Platform:Microsoft Windows, Linux, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast
Genre:First-person shooter
  • Save Details:
  • Installation

The game done 100 % Complete

  • Extract the archive file & Copy all savegame files
  • Paste To C:\Program Files (x86)\Soldier of Fortune\user\save\

Soldier of Fortune 100% Save Game



Soldier of Fortune 100% Save Game free and fixed version

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Soldier of Fortune 100% Save Game:

Soldier of Fortune 100% Save Game: Soldier of Fortune (also known as SoF) is a first-person shooter video game created by Raven Software and published by Activision on February 29, 2000 for Microsoft Windows. It was later released for the PlayStation 2 as well as the Dreamcast, while Loki Software also made a port for Linux. Two sequels were later made to the game as well.

The story involves the theft of nuclear weapons, and the main enemy turns out to be a neo-fascist group based in Germany, led by South African exile Sergei Dekker. At the beginning of the game, terrorists steal four nuclear weapons from a storage facility in Russia, and proceed to sell them to various nations. This is a prelude to the acquisition of advanced weapons of mass destruction by this terrorist group. John Mullins, working for a U.S.-based mercenary (“soldier of fortune”) organization known only as “The Shop”, and his partner, Aaron “Hawk” Parsons, are assigned to prevent the nukes from falling into the wrong hands, and stop the terrorists in their plans. His missions take him to New York City, Siberia, Tokyo, Kosovo, Iraq, Uganda and finally Germany.


Short Review

Short Review

The game was originally supposed to be much more realistic, featuring mostly real weapons, and the players taking damage would impede their movement and dexterity, depending on where and how many times they were hit. In 1998 (prior to the Kosovo War) the game was also supposed to be partially based in Bosnia instead of Kosovo.

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