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Time Of Fury Patch v1.02 bug fixed free update download for PC

Time Of Fury Patch v1.02 bug fixed

Publisher:Slitherine Ltd.
Developer:Wastelands Interactive
Platform:Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre:Simulation, Strategy
Mode:Single-player, multiplayer
Release Date:18 Jul, 2014

Time Of Fury Patch v1.02 Summary:

Time Of Fury Patch v1.02 bug fixed: In World War II every single aspect of war was crucial: from troop movements to supply, from logistics to diplomacy, from innovation to careful use of terrain. Many games have tried to replicate the depth and complexity of this global conflict and only a few have managed to give an all around experience to players.
This is a game that truly replicates all these aspects. The developers of the highly successful Time of Wrath are back to the European theater of war with an ambitious project that allows players to truly experience what it was to be a decision maker of the period.
Time of Fury spans the whole war in Europe and gives players the opportunity to control all types of units, ground, air and naval. Player is able to pick a single country or any selection of countries and fight his way against enemy at the country-customized difficulty levels.

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    Time Of Fury Patch v1.02 Features:

    • A huge campaign map spanning the entire European theater with more than 47,000 hexes and massive armies of over 1,000 units.
    • 9 epic Campaigns covering the entire war starting from 1939-1944 and to 2 smaller campaigns better suited to multiplayer.
    • Play against yourself, you can take the lead over two or even three opposing factions.
    • Hundreds of historical events such as the Molotov Ribbentrop pact. Should Germany split Poland with the Soviet Union or risk war with the USSR. Should Germany form Vichy France for a quick surrender and to avoid fighting French units overseas but at the cost of not being able to attack Vichy controlled territories overseas.
    • Use Diplomacy points to influence the war readiness and war entry dates of neutral nations. Can Germany keep the USA out of the war long enough to conquer the UK or should it focus its diplomatic efforts on gaining allies in Finland or the Balkans. Its even possible to cause coups changing the governments completely or to control your own populations ambitions for war.
    • Technology system with 5 areas of research. Upgrade obsolete units to modern weaponry. Even invest the atomic bomb and destroy the enemies will to fight.
    • Each nation has unique abilities. E.g. German Panzer Corps are faster while their supply system is less reliable.
    • Play multiplayer against a human opponent or play co-op with 2 human players against the AI.
    • Play as any country, or any combination of countries with the AI controlling the rest. Fight the war as just the UK or maybe you fancy your luck as Romania, Hungary & Bulgaria! More than 30 playable nations.
    • Fog of war, dynamic weather, supply and many other factors give player realistic decisions to make throughout the war.
    • Use your resources to buy new units, repair, maintain and upgrade them, to research new technologies, invest in strategic movement, naval transport and amphibious landing craft.
    • Use strategic weapons to damage the enemies infrastructure.
    • Use convoys to keep cities and armies supplied.
    • Detailed & historical orders of battle in all scenarios with historical names for hundreds of land, air and naval units for full immersion.


      • The AI gets a slight boost in making itself more challenging.
      • A number of changes that are in the update affect the air and sea war.
      • New features gameplay improvements.

        Time Of Fury Patch v1.02 bug fixed


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