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Tropico 2 Pirate Cove Save Game Download 100% completed

Developer:Frog City Software
Publisher:Gathering of Developers/Take-Two Interactive (Windows)
Title:Tropico 2 Pirate Cove Save Game Download
Platform:Windows, Mac OS X
Genre:Construction and management simulation
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The game done 100 % Complete

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Tropico 2 Pirate Cove Save Game Download



Tropico 2 Pirate Cove save is 100% complete. You can download it and install it on game folder and play more.

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Tropico 2 Pirate Cove Save Game Download:

Tropico 2 Pirate Cove Save Game Download: Tropico 2: Pirate Cove is the 2003 sequel to the computer game Tropico. Tropico 2 was developed by Frog City Software and published by Gathering of Developers for Windows and Mac OS X PCs.

Though much of it is based on the original Tropico, the gameplay is very different. The player runs a pirate island and, as the Pirate King, must keep the pirates happy while stealing as much booty as possible. Workers, called captives, are taken on raids, from shipwrecks off the player’s island, or from nations with which an alliance has been established. They are the lifeblood of the economy, and all constructions and productions are done by their hands. They can take on most of the jobs available, including farmer, lumberjack, and blacksmith, and can even be promoted to a pirate. Skilled captives may be able to perform more specialized jobs which unskilled captives cannot. Still, the main goal of the game, other than the objectives stated in a scenario, is to stay in power, much like the original Tropico.

To keep captives happy, order must be instilled on the island, along with providing them food in the form of slop from chuck tents and a chance to pray at church (requires at least one Skilled priest on the island). Pirates, however, prefer anarchy and defense, along with grub, grog, wenches, and betting from various entertainment buildings as well as resting and stashing at personal homes. Anarchy is the opposite of order so the more anarchy there is in an area, the less order and vice versa.


Short Review

Short Review

The sequel to the award-winning Fun in the Sun Caribbean simulation, Tropico. As a Pirate King, rule a secret pirate island full of despicable 17th century Sea Dogs. Fuel your economy by plundering wealthy merchants and taking prisoners back to the island as captive workers. Keep your scurvy buccaneers satisfied with rowdy gambling, jolly feasting, and barrels of rum! World powers fear you, brigands respect you, captives obey your every command, and don’t forget about the wenching! Argh, thar ain’t nuttin like bein’ a Pirate King!

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