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Crypto Encoder v1.0 Free Download For Desktop & Laptop

Crypto Encoder v1.0 Free Download

Crypto Encoder v1.0 Free Download

Publisher:Cryptics inc.
Developer:Cryptics inc.
Platform:Windows 7, 8, 8.1
Genre:Security software, Encryption
Size:4.2 MB
Latest Update:23/06/2015


Crypto Encoder v1.0 Free Download Summary:

Crypto Encoder v1.0 Free Download: Enter the password that only you and the receiver will have to meet. Enter the message text or indicates the source file. Select the combination of coding and safely send that no one can know the contents. With Crypto, the Espionage is finished !!
Connect with friends entering the IP or dynamic domain name of their computers. You can see in real time the shared directories and recover the files. You can also generate a small file that can be sent by email to a friend or a qualified technician. This file contains selected information and data necessary to connect to your machine remotely without your friend know your IP address or domain

Source Softonic

Crypto Encoder v1.0 Free Download Features:

  • Origin of information: text, .rtf imported on screen or disk file.
  • Generates the result “in the air” without storing anything on the disc.
  • Displays the result on the screen at once.
  • If the source is an .rtf imported, it allows you to select the text or text and image.
  • Exports the generated output to a text file or .Rtf

Crypto Encoder v1.0 Free Download

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