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How To Turn Off Voice Chat In Halo 5


You may have just arrived to your home and now you need to have some refreshment and for that you may choose any of your favourite thing or task to get refreshed. Suppose you are agame addict and playing games brings you pleasure then you would surely do that only.

Now if you desire to play a warzone in Halo 5 and want to make yourself a little refreshed but while playing there comes an irritating like and unforgettable sound from any person.This may really make you angry and you might close the game also. But hey wait, we have the solution for that too.

The voice chat in the game is pre-enabled in the Halo 5 which has been just recently arrived. Due to this the talkative folks make others uncomfortable but if you find any less talking ones then you are lucky. As this is Xbox Live you may be dealing with the teenagers and that too of this generation where they are all talking about their skills and the gameplay.

Hey be calm we won’t let you go being sad from here. There’s an option to turn off this option and how to do that, we will be guiding you here. The task of turning off the voice ofeveryone else is just easy. See below..

1. Open up the list of players ( by pressing back button)

2. Now press X to mute everyone

Since there is no option to make it permanent so you have to do it everytime you start a new match.

There’s also an alternative method to do this. Just you have to do the following things..

1. Go to Xbox Live

2. Now go to Privacy Settings

3. Choose whose voice you want to hear and now you will only get voice/text messages only from your desired ones.

This wall all it. If you are satisfied with our guide to turn the voice chat off then follow us. There’s more and more stuff we bring like this!

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