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RUNE v1.07 patch Update free and fug fixed Downlaod

RUNE v1.07 patch Update

RUNE v1.07 patch Update

Publisher:Gathering of Developers
Developer:Human Head Studios
Platform:Linux, Mac OS, PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows
Genre:Action, hack and slash
Mode:Single-player, Multiplayer
Release Date:November 18, 2000


RUNE v1.07 patch Update Summary:

RUNE v1.07 patch Update: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Rune is an action video game developed by Human Head Studios which was released in 2000. The game is based on Norse mythology, showing the conflict between the gods Odin and Loki and the buildup to Ragnarok, the end of the world. Built on the Unreal Engine, the game allows players to explore a fully realized Viking world.
Upon release Rune received mixed though generally positive reviews. A standalone expansion to the game, called Rune: Halls of Valhalla, was released in 2001. It as well as its expansion was also ported to Linux by Loki Software. Ryan C. Gordon, a former Loki employee, would also later port Human Head’s 2006 title Prey. A port to the PlayStation 2 was also released under the title Rune: Viking Warlord in 2001. The game was re-released digitally under the name Rune Classic.

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RUNE v1.07 patch Update:

  • The latest patch will update any PC version of Rune – English or foreign – to 1.07. You must have Rune fully installed on your system before running this upgrade. This patch contains all the bug fixes from the English 1.06 patch and the updates from the latest HOV 1.07 patch (specifically a server crash bug).
  • Timeout/connection problem messages when starting up the game
  • Fixed bug with team game team selection
  • TownRagnar and ShipWreckRagnar now start with full health. New models to use while playing!
  • Disallow breaking shields of people in neutralzones, by a non-neutral-zone player

RUNE v1.07 patch Update

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