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Space Empires V patch v1.77 Update free Download

Space Empires V patch v1.77 Update

Space Empires V patch v1.77 Update

Publisher:Strategy First
Developer:Malfador Machinations
Genre:Turn-based strategy
Mode:Single-player, Multiplayer
Release Date:2006


Space Empires V patch v1.77 Update Summary:

Space Empires V patch v1.77 Update: Space Empires V (SEV) is a 4X turn based strategy game that was released in 2006. It was developed by Malfador Machinations and published by Strategy First. The game retains many races and technologies from its predecessor, Space Empires IV (SEIV).
While Space Empires V retains much of its predecessor’s gameplay, there are several key differences. It is the first Space Empires game to use three-dimensional graphics, and as such, the user interface has been heavily redesigned. New to the series is a 3D real-time combat engine, and the player can now control ground combat in addition to the usual space battles. The empire-building aspects of the game borrows as much from the third instalment as it does from the fourth, with research and intelligence being assigned as a percentage of available points as opposed to the queue system used for construction.

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Space Empires V patch v1.77 Update Patches:

  • Fixed – Mines will no longer detonate if they cannot damage the ship.
  • Fixed – A few more conditions where vehicle design statistics would not record a destroyed ship.
  • Fixed – The solar system display was not repainting and removing marked minefields.
  • Fixed – After all enemies are dead in combat, ships will hold position.
  • Fixed – Starting technology points were still incorrect
  • Fixed – Starting techs from racial traits were not being supplied

Space Empires V patch v1.77 Update Download

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