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Spaceforce Captains 100% Save Game Free Download

Spaceforce Captains 100% Save Game

Developer:Gamecues, Provox Games, Resnick Enterprises (VO Production), Resnick Interactive Development
Publisher:DreamCatcher Interactive
Title:Spaceforce Captains 100% Save Game
Platform:Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
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The game done 100 % Complete

  • Extract the archive file & Copy all savegame files
  • Paste To Game directory

Spaceforce Captains 100% Save Game



Spaceforce Captains 100% Save Game Done

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Spaceforce Captains 100% Save Game:

Spaceforce Captains 100% Save Game: Control the fate of the galaxy in the classic-styled turn-based strategy game Spaceforce: Captains that invites you to explore and conquer an entirely new space. The game features several distinct forms of game play, including gathering resources, role-playing, and strategy. The basic elements of the game involve developing a space station (space building structures that produce resources, captains or ships) and conquering the space with a captain leading a large fleet.

Space Force Captains is set in the same universe as the engaging Space Rangers action/RPGs, though before you get excited keep in mind that this is a completely different type of game from a different developer. Your heroes, in this case space captains, fly around the map with a fleet of warships that you recruit at your space stations, which are essentially cities. Their job is to reveal the map and secure various facilities that provide you with the wide range of resources that you need to build upgrades to your space station. These improvements can increase the amount of money each station generates per turn, allow you to build more advanced types of starships, allow your fleets to move more quickly, and more. However, you can only build one improvement on each station per turn, and the more advanced upgrades require you to build up large reserves of certain hard-to-find minerals.

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DreamCatcher Interactive SHORT REVIEW:

Short Review

Short Review

Now it’s your turn: discover, explore and conquer an entire Universe. But it won’t be easy: the unique mix of turn-based strategy and role-playing is extremely challenging! Choose from more than 100 Captains and upgrade your ships in almost unlimited ways. Lead your customized squadrons into the fight with 6 distinct species and conquer solar system after solar system. An Atmospheric 3D animated world with crisp graphics and a pulsating storyline with many side quests await you. Addictive RPG elements will keep you on the edge with each Captain that you command. Decide battles against neutral squadrons, bands of pirates or opposing fleets in your favour by strategic movements and foreseeing resource management. Enhance and upgrade your space stations as well as your captains and fleets step-by-step by discovering over 200 cutting-edge technologies.

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