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SunAge 100% Save Game full download

SunAge 100% Save Game

Publisher:Lighthouse Interactive
Title:SunAge 100% Save Game
Platform:Microsoft Windows PC
Genre:Real Time Strategy
  • Save Details:
  • Installation

The game done 100 % Complete

  • Extract the archive file & Copy all savegame files
  • Paste To Game directory

SunAge 100% Save Game



SunAge 100% Save Game done

User Rating: 3.7 ( 1 votes)

SunAge 100% Save Game:

SunAge 100% Save Game: SunAge is real-time strategy video game developed by Austrian company Vertex4 and published by Lighthouse Interactive. It has received attention due to its use of 2D sprites and backgrounds.

The Federation is all that is left of the Human race, sealed off in protective domes, away from the harsh environment of future Earth. Attempting to survive on limited resources they must fight to protect their domes while searching for Mankind’s only hope, Elysium. By the time the game starts, there is only one dome left standing.

Lighthouse Interactive SHORT REVIEW:

Short Review

Short Review

SunAge is a real-time strategy game where the player can experience immersive gameplay with 3 different races, each with their own arsenal of units, buildings and upgrades. The game takes place in a futuristic setting across 2 different worlds, ranging from a lush alien planet to desolate wastelands and through industrial cities…SunAge is upon us – the solar system is dying. With Earth teetering on the brink of extinction, human Federals and mutant-gene Raak-Zun are battling for control of its dwindling resources. Then, into this savage conflict step the mysterious Sentinel, exploiting superior technology that opens gateways to an alien and resource-rich planet. An epic clash is set to unfold, and along with it the mystery of a sinister creature that lurks at the very heart of their troubles.

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SunAge 100% Save Game

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