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Syberia 100% Save Game Download full and free

Syberia 100% Save Game Download

Publisher:The Adventure Company, Microïds
Title:Syberia 100% Save Game Download
Platform:Windows,PlayStation 2,Xbox,Windows Mobile,iOS,Nintendo DS,Android,OS X,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360
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The game done 100 % Complete

  • Extract the archive file & Copy all savegame files
  • Paste To Documents\Syberia Saves

Syberia 100% Save Game Download

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Syberia 100% Save Game Download

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Syberia 100% Save Game Download:

Syberia 100% Save Game Download: Syberia is a 2002 computer adventure game designed by Benoît Sokal, developed by Microïds, and published through The Adventure Company. It follows Kate Walker, the protagonist, as she attempts to wrap up a sale on behalf of her law firm. In addition to the main plot, the game contains a subplot conducted via calls received on Kate’s cell phone. It involves Kate’s deteriorating relationship with her fiancé.

Syberia is a third-person, mouse-driven, semi-realistic/semi-surrealistic adventure game in which the player must solve various puzzles and follow certain procedures in order for the story line to proceed. As a pure graphical adventure game, Syberia follows the guidelines first introduced by LucasArts. It is impossible to die or to get stuck at any moment in the game, which allows the user to fully immerse themself in Syberia‍ ’​s universe without the fear of making a mistake or the constant need of saving the game.


Short Review

Short Review

Syberia is a pure adventure game, where the player will discover a magical world of automatons and meet amazing and intriguing characters in 4 mysterious and incredibly beautiful, realistic and detailed European environments. Syberia is a 3rd person perspective single-player, adventure game using unequalled graphics with 3D characters, with a rich and evolving storyline and a cast of very intriguing and interesting characters.

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