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The Top 5 Video Games Makers Of 2015


The video game publishers are vast in numbers these days and the competition never ends just at one Video game. The publishers also never stop just at one game may it be a hit or a failure. But what the actual happiness they get is the rankings which they get every year to make them stand either above or below their rivals.

The publishers like Activision, Nintendo, Microsoft Studios, Square Enix and more are the dominating publishers of the video games industry but they have to be ranked accordingly. So we have brought a list of top 5 publishers of 2015 based on their 2014 game releases.

1.  Nintendo


Nintendo is one of the largest video games publishers and have produced many amazing games so far.  Despite the fact that only 56% of its games have received positive critic reviews. Nintendo was the only publisher in 2014 to have more than one game. Some of its major releases are Bayonetta, Mario Kart 8 and many more. This might be some of the qualities which have brought up Nintendo to the #1 place in the list.

2. Ubisoft


Another big publisher which had been a giant so far, ‘Ubisot’ which has given some amazing PS4 and Xbox One titles like Shape Up, Child Of Light and more. Ubisoft has a wide.. very wide range of followers around the world but may be less than the no. #1 in the list, “Nintendo” so it is on second place.

3. Electronic Arts


Electronic Arts the publisher of FIFA titles, the FIFA 14, FIFA 15, FIFA 16 and also the NBA 15 which have spread their magic on the related games addicts for many years. There were also some lack of positive critic reviews and so Electronic Arts might have appeared on the third place.

4. Sony


Here comes the makers of the popular gaming Consoles Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita and the recently announced one from them, the Playstation VR. Sony had got some major Improvements last year and for its mega releases it had been set to the fourth place.

5. Square Enix


Square Enix have released many big titles in 2014 and most of them were unique. Some of the major releases are the Deus Ex: The Fall, Murdered: Soul Suspect and even more. But due to some low responses and lack of reviews it had to jump on to the fifth place.

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