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Top 5 Best Cleaning and Optimizing Apps For Android


The android phones these days are coming with high end processors and huge space of RAM but when you load your android device with plenty of Apps and high end games, the phone getsslow and even it hangs sometimes.

Another main problem is the heating of the phone which is done by some overheating apps. This all can be solved and the phone can made to work faster only by the ease of the app which can clean and optimize the phone. There are plenty of apps on Playstore which can do this job but choosing the right one is that all matters. So today we have brought to you the 5 best apps to clean and optimize your android phone.

1. Clean Master


You might have expected to see this app name on the top. Clean Master is the #1 cleaning and optimizing app for android. This app has the cleaning, optimizing and maintainence options all at one place. Clean Master allows you to clean app cache , unused files, residual files, search history and uninstall apps which use lot of space and create problems for the device’s storage.

Download Clean Master from Playstore

2. DU Speed Booster


Another great app to optimise the phone and make it work faster. DU Speed Booster is just the right one to pick for increasing battery life of the phone. It restricts the use of some background apps to boost the phone’s speed. This app also provides shortcuts to some options right into the notification bar.

Download DU Speed Booster from Playstore

3. CCleaner


The world’s well known and one among the best PC software for cleaning comes to android. CCleaner removes the junk, clears browsing history, cleans cache and more. This app also lets you to reclaim your storage space. The app is very good for safe browsing.

Download CCleaner from Playstore

4. Startup Manager

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This one’s just really good to disable undesirable system startup entries when the phone or tablet boots. It shows the list of start-up apps and resources and you can then disable them accordingly. This will make your phone to work smoother and also avoids the phone to hang.

Download Startup Manager from Playstore

5. Booster For Android – FREE


This app provides phone boost, app manager, junk clean and one more good feature that is file manager. You can easily search for the apps which are taking high space and then uninstall them. This is one of the best app to clean your phone’s junk memory and make it work faster.

Download Booster For Android – Free On Playstore

So this was the list of Top 5 Cleaning & Optimising Apps for android which make the phone to work faster and without any junk acquired.

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