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Top 5 Best four-player Video Games You Should Surely Play

It’s good to play games alone whether on the mobile as well as on the consoles but the real happiness you get from is playing the video games with your friends. Today we have brought a list of top 5 vidoe games which are four player compatible. Choose from any of these and call your friends to play it.

1. Left 4 Dead


Left 4 Dead is an amazing adventure game. It has distinct characters and has very great action involved. This game requires team work and that is why it is best for you to have your friends to join you in this game.

2. GTA Online


You might have played GTA 5 and say that it is just the best one from Rockstar Games but have you played the GTA online? If not then try this one but make sure your friends or brothers are with you to join you. This online playing is loaded with multi-step robberies and intense getaways which can easily make your day an awesome one.

3. Diablo 3


This is a game of smashing monsters and devils down and kicking them. You all gonna enjoy doing it if you are in a group for example if you are all 4 in number then definitely go for this one at the afternoon gaming because this game gonna make you all damn happy.

4. Super Mario 3D World


Super Mario 3D World involves the four play gaming with some cool dashing and quite mischieves also. The game is about the 4 players who walk through themed stages loaded with hidden special coins, clever platforming devices and playful new power-ups in order to save the Sprixie Kingdom. If you all love to do some mischief and have fun then you should go forthis one.

5. Halo 3


This game has given more agency over the sandbox mission design more than other Halo games and its a good one to play too. We know that the new series of Halo has already been released but when you play this one you will not get bored we predict so.

So this was it. Enjoy playing these games and call your friends to play the games. Share this list and even your friends would also know them. Enjoy!!

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