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Top 7 Best PC Tricks Which Will Benefit You

There are some hidden things in every system and getting to know about those hidden things isn’t an easy task. But when you are at Topfullgames you can assume it for sure that we provide it so that you can learn some good tricks.

Trick #1


You can use your Laptop or Computer to share your files through Bluetooth and it’s damn easy. Just Click on Start > Run> and type ‘fsquirt’

Trick #2


Playing Dinosaur Game in Chrome and that too offline. This might be known to most of you but who don’t know it just do it once. You just need to tap on “Spacebar” when you don’t have internet connection and a dinosaur appears saying ‘Unable to connect to Internet’

Trick #3


You need a notepad to paste some files or write some files but you don’t want to minimize your browser and do it right there. Don’t worry just type these into your URL bar. data:text/html,

Trick #4


If you have left some work or want to shutdown your PC by your desired time then just do it like this.. Open Run command and type shutdown.exe /s /t (time value- 3600 = 60 minutes)

Trick #5


Want to download your favourite Youtube video? then just replace youtube and add ssyoutube there. Simple is that!!

Trick #6


Convert video files using VLC media player. Just open VLC and open media options on top and then click on Convert/Save and add your files to convert it.

Trick #7


Play game on Youtube by pausing a video and holding left and up arrow keys and whoaa a sanke game is started. Have fun!!

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