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5 Top Survival Horror Video Games 2015 Update for PC, PS3, Xbox

5 Top Survival Horror Video Games 2015 Update

5 Top Survival Horror Video Games 2015

Video games are becoming popular from last 3 years. Every persons are play those games without any rest. Racing, Action and Horror games are create big space on gamers mind. And horror game development is increasing rapidly. Last year we see much good horror games. But this year it was revolution for horror games. Bellow i give a list about 5 Top Survival Horror Video Games 2015 update.


  1. Bloodborne

Bloodborne Full Cover

Bloodborne is a great horror game that i ever seen. This game main story is describe Demon’s soul and Dark soul. It is a Souls Series video game project. And it is more horror-influenced then previews edition. This game is on No.1 of this list.


2. Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Cover

Resident Evil is a famous Hollywood horror movie. And a famous video game also. The developer of the game gives cute story for make it much horror. I am personally love this game. Specially it’s adventure levels. It will give you real enjoyment of horror. This game is on No.2 on this following list.


3. Kodoku

Kodoku Cover topfullgames

Kodoku is a Japanese famous horror movie. And the game is developed as the movie story. This game called horror island. It’s an eclectic game, drawing on many sources of influence, and it’s wrapped up in a distinctive art-style which distinguishes it from pretty much every other game on this list. And this is on No.3 on following list.



Soma Game Cover Art

SOMA video game mainly released for windows and PS4 also. This game is on No.4 of following list. On the game’s official website, it’s summarised by a single quote from the writer Philip K. Dick: “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”


5. Until Dawn

Until Dawn Game cover

Eight friends go to an isolated mountain retreat, where they drink, party, and have sex. The problem is they’re not alone. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. This is the main reason that make the game horror. This game is No.5 on the list.


Those 5 games are popular horror game for 2015. Those games are rapidly playing all over the world. If you don’t play those 5 game till now then collect them and start to play. I guarantee you must feel batter then others horror game that you played. Those game you must enjoy.

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