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Angry Birds Star Wars Free Review Update Xbox One Update


Angry Birds Star Wars Free Review:

Try and find somebody who’s never played an Angry Birds title, and you’ll find that it’s a tough ask. After launching on mobile devices a few years back, the game has gone from strength to strength, and is now – as we all know – available in a million different varieties, for a million different devices. There’s a movie on the way, as well as all manner of Angry Birds-branded toys, board games, sweets, trading cards, and toenail clippers. Activision’s massively overpriced Angry Birds Trilogy for Xbox 360 was the first crack at seeing exactly how rich the gaming public felt and somehow managed to sell incredibly well, despite the fact that the game cost approximately twenty times the price of buying the same games individually for a mobile device. That worked, so they’re having another go to boost their already-swelled coffers – hence we have Angry Birds: Star Wars as a slightly-less-than-full-price-but-not-by-much retail title.

Let’s get that price out of the way first, or at least address it, given that it could be considered to be the theme of this review. Angry Birds: Star Wars is overpriced. Way overpriced. At the time of writing, Angry Birds Star Wars HD for the iPad costs £1.99. The sequel – Angry Birds Star Wars II – confusingly costs £0.69. Angry Birds Star Wars for Xbox One is £34.99 whether you buy it at retail, or download it from the Xbox Games Store.


Even if the game hadn’t already been released at a fraction of the price, there are many flaws to be found in this port of Angry Birds: Star Wars. Problems that can be overlooked in a £2 mobile phone distraction just can’t be ignored here, especially when you consider that for less money, you can pick up Peggle 2 and either Crimson Dragon or Powerstar Golf from the Xbox Games Store, and still have cash left for a couple of movie rentals. When it comes down to it, the developers have sort of tried to add extra value to cover the higher price point, but they’ve unfortunately come up about £30 short in that endeavour. If you really, really have to have the game on a dedicated games console, the Nintendo 3DS version is available for about half the price.

Angry Birds Star Wars Free Review



Angry Birds Star Wars Free Review

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