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Dead Rising 3 Free Review Update for Xbox 2015

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Dead Rising 3 Free Review:

If you’re a fan of the original title and the sequel, then Dead Rising 3 is going to impress and please you. The series’ intriguing lore and storyline, over the top, ridiculous psycho boss battles, and oodles of extravagant combo weapons are all present and accounted for, enhanced further by the Xbox One’s powerful hardware. Dead Rising 3 is the personification of “if it aint broke don’t fix it” and “more is always better”.

Taking place in Los Perdidos – a fictional version of Los Angeles – you take on the role of Nick Ramos as he and a troop of survivors try to escape from the now zombie infected city before a military strike wipes out all organic life within it. It’s Dead Rising setup down to a tee, with a large open area to explore, people to save, impending doom, and, of course, a huge amount of Zombies for you to massacre. Trying to escape the outbreak tasks you with retrieving parts for a plane located throughout the city. Meanwhile, you’ll need to be saving everyone you can and also uncovering the truth behind the outbreak and your own mysterious past. And whilst the series has never been known for a particularly stellar narrative, those that do enjoy the over-dramatic spliced with the insane and a oddly serious undertone will find that same kind of storytelling here. Despite an aesthetic change that invokes a more down-to-earth tone, this is still clearly the same Dead Rising we all know and love.

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The large open-world city of Los Perdidos is significantly larger than the previous titles’ locations, offering up four districts linked by highways. Fortunately you’re not restricted to getting around on foot, as a selection of vehicles can be used and even combined to create extravagant maiming machines. With vehicles and the huge amount of undead littering the roads you can rack up thousands of kills relatively quickly, and it never gets old. Jumping into a steam roller and crushing your rotting foes is hugely satisfying, but combining a steam roller with a motorbike to create a bike where its front wheel is the roller is just wonderful. Gratuitous perhaps, but so much fun. And once your vehicle finally succumbs due to too much damage, and explodes in a glorious ball of fire and smoke, you can use your crazy selection of combo weapons to slice through to your destination. Old favourites like the laser sword (lightsaber) return, whilst new tools of death, such as wearing a fire breathing dragon’s head, a set of metal wings, and jet propulsion offer up more creative ways to survive the city. It’s crazy and over the top but, once again, undeniably fun.

Standing in a mankini, wearing a Blanka mask and wielding a phallic-shaped flamethrower with the propane tanks attached like testicles, Dead Rising 3 well and truly brings the ridiculous whilst delivering a semi-serious narrative to the zombie slaughtering. It’s utterly crazy and equally fun and with its improved visuals, increased size of the open-world playground, density of items and zombies and tweaks to the established formula, it delivers a great action game. There’s nowhere near enough changes to bring in new players, but series fans are well catered for here. Despite the uninspired side missions, Dead Rising 3 is a highly accessible and enjoyable zombie maiming thrill ride.

Dead Rising 3 Free Review


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