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Disc Archiver v1.0.1 free Download For PC

Disc Archiver v1.0.1 free Download

Disc Archiver v1.0.1 free Download

Publisher:Broadex Systems, Inc.
Developer:Broadex Systems, Inc.
Platform:Windows 7, 8, 8.1
Genre:Software utilities, CD & DVD, Burning
Size:5.9 MB
Latest Update:21/09/2015

Disc Archiver v1.0.1 free Download Summary:

Disc Archiver v1.0.1 free Download: Disc Archiver is a tool that allows you to quickly burn data on archive discs, then restore it at a later time. The application can calculate the required disc space and separate the data in a smart manner, so you need to use the minimum number of discs. Protect important files in safe spaces, away from the risk of data loss.
Refilling discs is all you need to do. Once the files are added to the backup list, Disc Archiver will automatically calculate the total discs required, manage the files and process the burning. It can’t be easier than that. Disc Archiver can split files and burn them onto multiple discs, efficiently use the available space on each disc. Files as big as 10 GB can be easily burn onto DVD-RWs and restored back to your computer in the future.

Source Softonic

Disc Archiver v1.0.1 free Download Features:

  • 1. Automatically span/split data and calculate required disc amount

    2. Split large data which exceed maximum disc capacity then back up to multiple discs

    3. Index Mode can restore data back to original structure of folders and files

    4. Supported Acronova disc autoloader

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