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Fallout 4 Video Game Xbox One Review Full Updated

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Fallout 4 Video Game Xbox One Review:

Let’s make no bones about it, it’s clear from the outset that with Fallout 4, Bethesda have created a wonderful thing. The preamble leading up to your entry into Vault-111 – complete with the much-ballyhooed character creation system – is nicely detailed and believable enough to draw you in. So much so, that it’s almost disappointing when that inevitable dust cloud rushes at you over the horizon to wipe away the social bliss and indirectly cast you into cryogenic unconsciousness.

When you emerge from the safety of the underground bunker, the post-apocalyptic setting is sparse enough for you to wander around for a decent amount of time without seeing another soul and despite that, is bristling with enough interesting features to prevent that walk from place A to place B ever feeling like a chore. During those walks, the sheer amount of choice you have never presents itself obviously. Sure, your Pip-boy will show that you have eight or nine available missions in progress if you click through to view your objectives list but aside from that, there’s nothing that jumps out as it would in other open-world titles to push you toward a specific approach. You’ll probably first notice that when you realise that you’ve clocked your first fifteen hours of playing time, but haven’t spoken about your main quest – finding your abducted son – for at least fourteen of them. Of course, you have the option to just barrel on through story missions until you reach the game’s conclusion, but the time that approach would take you can just as easily be eaten up by base building or taking on side missions.


Fallout 4 isn’t perfect by any means, but the sheer scope of the game as a whole and the incredibly well-structured world means that should you dare to take the plunge, you’ll be swimming around in these waters for dozens, if not hundreds of hours. The bugs may threaten to spoil the show, but every time one rears its head and makes you want to stop playing, you’ll feel the pangs within the hour to go back and give things another go. Many people will fail to see everything that the wastelands have to offer, but that absolutely shouldn’t stop you from trying to take it all in. Just as in life, your journey won’t be the same as anybody else’s.

Fallout 4 Video Game Xbox One Review



Fallout 4 Video Game Xbox One Review

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