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Download Mozilla Firefox 43.0 x64 and x86 Here! Changelog

Download Mozilla Firefox 43.0 Latest Version
Title:Mozilla Firefox 43.0
Platform:Microsoft Windows
Genre:Internet Browsers


  • First browser to have a built-in instant messaging
  • The New Firefox is Working great in all Important operating systems Like Windows 7, 8 and 10 Without Any Bugs
  • Many New changes for Web Developers In the Console
  • This browser is the most preferred browser by Web developers.


  • No Cons Found Till Now Please Tell us If you found Some.


    • New user interface and more attractive than that 
    • a very high speed in loading web pages 
    •  features Tabbed Browsing (opening all the pages on one page) 
    • Internet security in an insecure environment 
    • Jlvgbry of risks Spy-Ware and thieves 
    • Avoid unnecessary opening of advertising pages (Popup – Bloker) 
    • passwords, password protection, privacy and security 
    • more professional management Add-on for 
    • easier to use software 
    •  Support HTML version 5 
    • Support for CSS version 3 
    • compatibility with WebM video format 
    • a significant reduction in the use of this version of Crash 
    • Compatibility with exemplary JavaScript to render pages better 
    • permanent and non-stop online communication socket (running games and chatting) 
    • view full-screen video 
    • viewing pages offline pre-cache 
    • cache parts of the site which are usually fixed 
    • high software flexibility to meet different tastes 
    • Compatibility different versions of Windows, including the popular Windows .

What is new in Mozilla Firefox 43.0:

  • Improved API support for m4v video playback
  • Users can opt-in to receive search suggestions from the Awesome Bar
  • On-screen keyboard displayed on selecting input field on devices running Windows 8 or greater
  • WebRTC streaming on multiple monitors
  • Improved Big5 support for Hong Kong supplementary characters on Windows XP
  • User selectable second block list for Private Browsing’s Tracking Protection

What Has been changed Mozilla Firefox 43.0:

  • Markup view shows indicators for pseudo-classes locked for elements
  • Bind F1 key to open the settings when the toolbox is focused
  • New ‘Use in Console’ context menu item in Inspector to store selected element in a temporary variable
  • Search button next to overridden CSS properties to find similar properties in the rules view
  • Ability to filter styles from their property names in the rules view
  • Stack traces are now shown for exceptions inside the console
  • Added ability to display server-side logs in the console
  • Ability to choose resolution for the GCLI screenshot command
  • Subresource integrity allows developers to make their sites more secure
  • Network requests in Console now link to Network panel instead of opening in a popup
  • Unprefixed ‘hyphens’ property is now supported
  • WebIDE now has a sidebar-based UI
  • The ‘transform-origin’ property is now supported on SVG elements
  • Animation inspector now displays animations in a timeline

Important Bugs Fixed:

  • Eyedropper tool does not work as expected when page is zoomed

Mozilla Firefox 43.0

New Features
Crash Fixes
Bugs Fixes
Addons or Extensions


Excellent Changes and Big Bugs Fixed And Lot of changes in Developers point of view.

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