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Pacific Storm v1.5 Retail Patch Update Free PC Download

Pacific Storm v1.5 Retail Patch

Pacific Storm v1.5 Retail Patch

Publisher:Buka Entertainment, CDV
Developer:Lesta Studio
Platform:Microsoft Windows
Genre:Real-time strategy
Mode:Single player, Multiplayer
Release Date:September 28, 2006

Pacific Storm v1.5 Retail Patch Summary:

Pacific Storm v1.5 Retail Patch: Pacific Storm is a strategic and tactical game of the Pacific war set in World War II, released by Buka Entertainment. In the game, players are able to act as a supreme commander, which handles research, ship and plane design, production, troop deployment, and many other things. As a real-time strategy game, players are allowed to control individual ships and planes. Furthermore, players can also act as an ordinary sailor, who can man various anti-aircraft gun positions on a ship or man various gunner positions in a heavy/medium bomber plane, turning the game also into a first-person shooter.
This game has been criticized by many gamers due to some historical inaccuracies, mostly due to limited types of ships and aircraft available in the game, for example the presence of two US Colorado-class battleships in Singapore at December 10, 1941, instead of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse. The standalone expansion Pacific Storm: Allies involves Britain as an additional playable faction. It also introduces non-playable nations such as the Netherlands, Germany, and the USSR. These nations however can be playable in the “Battle Planner” mode.

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Pacific Storm v1.5 Retail Patch:

  • Engaging WWII action in the Pacific combat theater, viewable in both a strategic map and tactical battleground mode.
  • Classic RTS elements such as technology research, unit development and deployment combined with gripping white-knuckle player-controlled combat action.
  • Huge variety of historically inspired units with focus on naval and air units, including bombers, fighters, battleships, aircraft carriers and other power hitters of the Japanese and U.S. Pacific fleets.
  • Multiplayer LAN gameplay supports both action and tactical play.
  • Beautifully rendered landscapes and bodies of water provide stunning backdrops for both in-flight and on-the-ground action.

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