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PANZER ELITE PATCH 1.08 Update Free Version Download



Publisher:Psygnosis, JoWood
Developer:Wings Simulations
Genre:Vehicle simulation game
Release Date:1999

PANZER ELITE PATCH 1.08 Update Summary:

PANZER ELITE PATCH 1.08 Update: Panzer Elite is a World War II tank simulation game in which the player controls a platoon of 4 or 5 tanks on either the German or American side. The game was developed by Wings Simulation for the Microsoft Windows platform, and was first published by Wing’s parent company Psygnosis in 1999. This first version was v.1.05 and was considered very buggy, especially in multiplayer. A subsequent v.1.1 patch made it tolerable. During 2000, Psygnosis moved away from PC gaming and sold Wings and Panzer Elite to Jowood Productions. In 2001, Jowood authorised the release of Panzer Elite Special Edition (“PESE”). This was Panzer Elite with an additional CD containing exclusive content developed by community members with names like the Lennort Brothers and Aldo. During 2002, patch 1.2 was released by the Lennort Brothers which brought first real multiplayer stability to Panzer Elite. PESE continues to be extremely well supported by a very active modding community called the Panzer Elite Development , however following a fileserver going offline in October 2015 the fóruns have hosted no files. Ongoing version of Panzer Elite is widely considered the leading and benchhmark WW2 Tank Simulator.

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  • Player switches tanks when destroyed (single player) Next available player is searched Only available when Wingman are ok
  • Player can switch tanks manually (Single, Multiplayer). Player must switch to wingmans camera view (use mousetank). If Wingman is status ok hit Ctrl-J to switch to that wingman
  • Switch to disable shadows (night mods)
    (File: PE_GAME.INI, Section: HAL, Parameter: DisplayShadow). If this parameter is missing or 0 shadows will be ON, otherwise off.
  • Assault Guns now fully playable. Parameter 0/AGxx in unitdata now defines the angle the cannon can move left/right for assault guns.
  • CustomA, CustomB, CustomC campaigns enabled when paramater “Enable_Custom_Campaigns” in section “Menusystem” is ON (=1). A “men” file needs to be defined to show them though.

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