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Peggle 2 Full Game Review for Xbox One 2016

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Peggle 2 Full Game Review:

When PopCap’s John Vechey took the stage at E3 2013 to announce the company’s new titles, he expected the announcement of Peggle 2 to be something of a megaton. “Ladies and gentlemen, PEGGLE 2!” he bellowed, as the room went dark and a short video trailer took what seemed like aeons to kick in. During the delay, we experienced one of the most awkward silences we’ve ever witnessed. A room full of gamers, game journalists, enthusiasts, and the usual YouTube sub-celebrities who have achieved fame by doing nothing other than trying to be just SO ironic all shuffled in their seats, not quite knowing what to say. Then, a titter from the crowd invited those around it to join in, and how they did. Oh, what jolly japes! This fool’s only gone and announced a CASUAL title to a crowd full of OBVIOUSLY super-hardcore gamers. Ha!

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Addictive, beautifully designed, and containing more single-player content than you could shake a stick at, Peggle 2 is a fine, fine game. Considering it can be yours for less than £10, we just don’t see how anyone could pass it up. Superb.

Peggle 2 Full Game Review



Peggle 2 Full Game Review

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