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Pirates of Black Cove Patch v1.3 Update Free Download

Pirates of Black Cove Patch v1.3 Update

Pirates of Black Cove Patch v1.3 Update

Publisher:Paradox Interactive
Developer:Nitro Games
Genre:Real-time strategy
Release Date:August 2, 2011

Pirates of Black Cove Patch v1.3 Update Summary:

Pirates of Black Cove Patch v1.3 Update: IGN gave the game a score of 5.5/10 and GameSpot a score of 3.5/10; both reviewers praised the game’s vibrant visuals and charming presentation, but heavily criticized the gameplay and repititiveness.
Pirates of Black Cove will set players in the 16th century in the golden era of pirates and provide them with a chance to become the pirate king. Players will start out as a humble pirate trying to earn the respect, fame, and notoriety of a recognized pirate captain. You can advance through the ranks with force, guile, deceit, and daring adventures, however, more extreme methods will advance you further and faster. Bribery, favor, and outright assassinations will assure that you climb the ranks. As players are promoted to higher ranks, they will gain the ability to manage and develop strongholds, entice other captains to join their fleet, and ultimately destroy the other strongholds to become king of the pirates. Pirates of Black Cove combines elements of fast-paced naval action with town management.

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Pirates of Black Cove Patch v1.3 Update:

  • Configurable keymap: My Documents/Nitro Games/PiratesOfBlackCove/Keymap.xml
  • Added command line option “-windowed”, which forces the game to start in windowed mode
  • Fix for Corsair FM6 possible crash when killing some of the ships before mission ships start moving
  • Buccaneer fm6 fix – after exiting from land before mission zone is captured
  • Fixed issue where speech bubble would jump strangely when sinking a ship with mortar.

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