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Prince of Qin v1.30 Expansion and Patch Update Free Download

Prince of Qin v1.30 Expansion and Patch

Prince of Qin v1.30 Expansion and Patch

Publisher:Strategy First, GMX Media
Developer:Object Software
Platform:Microsoft Windows
Genre:Action role-playing
Mode:Single player, Multiplayer
Release Date:August 19, 2002

Prince of Qin v1.30 Expansion and Patch Summary:

Prince of Qin v1.30 Expansion and Patch: Prince of Qin is a 2002 action role-playing game developed by Object Software and published by Strategy First. The story is set in China in the final years of the Qin dynasty (221–206 BCE), with Fusu – the heir apparent to the first Qin emperor, Qin Shi Huang – as the protagonist. Although the game has a historical basis, its setting is purely fictitious because the historical Fusu died in 210 BCE.
The game balances team-fighting, with up to five heroes per team, and the use of various skills and abilities. The player is challenged by many enemies in more than 100 unique scenes accurately depicting the society and architecture of the Qin dynasty. The game’s novel features include multi-scenario and multi-ending systems, randomly created weapons, items and enemies, an equipment-creating system and a sophisticated fighting system rooted in the ancient Chinese philosophy of the Five Elements.

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Prince of Qin v1.30 Expansion and Patch:

  • An Intelligence system will be introduced into the game. Besides through the Book of Changes, players can learn skills through increasing their own Intelligence. Players can also obtain Intelligence points after they kill some NPCs in mysterious caves.
  • Players will be in an invincible situation for 15 seconds just after they enter a scene. In this way, players will be protected from an ambush.
  • Since too many summoned beasts may adversely affect the game, the expansion will only allow a maximum of 5 types of summoned beasts at one time. Meanwhile, the HP and Attack Power of summoned beasts will be increased to keep the game balanced.
  • Two new types of scenes, water villages in the south of the Yang-Tse River and the mysterious Holy-Dragon Palace and ten new places will be added.
  • Skills of classes 6 and 7 will be added and these new skills are more powerful and brilliant.

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