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Quake IV Fortress Mod Full Patch Free and Final Version Download

Quake IV Fortress Mod Full Patch

Quake IV Fortress Mod Full Patch

Publisher:Activision, Bethesda Softworks
Developer:Raven Software
Platform:Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox 360, OS X
Genre:First-person shooter
Mode:Single-player, Multiplayer
Release Date:18 October 2005

Quake IV Fortress Mod Full Patch Summary:

Quake IV Fortress Mod Full Patch: Quake 4 is a first-person shooter video game, the fourth title in the series of Quake series. The game was developed by Raven Software and published by Activision. Raven Software collaborated with id Software, the creators and developers of preceding Quake games. In this case, id Software supervised the development of the game as well as providing the Doom 3 engine, now referred to as “id Tech 4” and released under the GNU General Public License on 22 November 2011, upon which it was built. Quake 4 went gold in early October 2005 and was released on 18 October 2005 for Microsoft Windows and later for Linux, Xbox 360 and OS X. A special DVD Collectors Edition also exists, including promotional material and the game Quake II with its expansions, The Reckoning and Ground Zero. The Xbox 360 version of Quake 4 is based on the Special Collectors Edition, and therefore also includes Quake II. On 4 August 2011 the game was made available through Steam.
Quake IV Fortress Mod Full Patch: Plotwise, the game is a sequel to Quake II and takes place during the same war as Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Compared to other titles in the Quake series, Quake 4 has an increased emphasis on the single-player portion of the game.[6] A multiplayer mode is available, but it does not involve playable bots like Quake III Arena, without 3rd party modifications.

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Quake IV Fortress Mod Full Patch:

  • Q4F is a modification for Quake 4 based on the popular QuakeWorld mod Team Fortress. It has most of the gameplay basics of QWTF along with a few updates and a whole new look.
  • Q4F, like QWTF, does not have a specific timeframe or location, but does inherit Quake 4’s rustic future theme. This allows for a wide variety
  • of maps with many varying themes (powerplants, industrial zones, alien planets, medieval structures ). Every map has its own style and
  • gameplay, avoiding the monotony seen in so many modern games.

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