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Real War v1.2 Patch Updates Free Download

Real War v1.2 Patch Updates

Real War v1.2 Patch Updates

Publisher:Simon & Schuster Interactive
Developer:Rival Interactive
Platform:Microsoft Windows
Genre:Real-time tactics
Release Date:2000

Real War v1.2 Patch Updates Summary:

Real War v1.2 Patch Updates: The Real War franchise is a series of real-time tactics video games developed by Rival Interactive and published by Simon & Schuster Interactive. In-game briefing voices were provided by R. Lee Ermey.
The original game that Real War was created from. It was never released outside of the United States military. Released on May 17, 2000. The game is, apart from minor differences in interface and unit statistics for balancing, (For example, the MLRS units in JFE have much longer range than in Real War) virtually identical to the Real War games released for civilian market.

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Real War v1.2 Patch Updates:

  • Game Loop AI Timer Fix. This fix will help with such missions as USA 4 on high speed computers that were heretofore nearly impossible to beat.
  • Next Mission Button Fix. For any of you who might have already gotten to the last US or ILA mission, you may have noticed that there is a NEXT MISSION button. This patch fixes that bug.
  • Save Game losing Campaign status Fix. This fix will ensure that you do not lose saved games while playing Real War.

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