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Super Party Sports Football Best Review HD for Xbox

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Super Party Sports Football Best Review:

This is a free and new featured video game for Xbox One. It is run nicely on your Xbox device as well. Today we will know the great game by this post.

Indie titles are coming across to the Xbox One thick and fast and while some publishers are trying to port any old mobile game to the platform, that approach isn’t necessarily going to work as gamers are getting wary. Fortunately though, some titles work just as well on console as they do on mobile.

Super Party Sports Football

Super Party Sports: Football is one of those games. The somewhat lame title would suggest some sort of bizarre Wii-quality soccer game with awful controls, but what you actually get is a serviceable 2D action puzzler that is a kind of hybrid of Angry Birds and Sega Soccer Slam. The premise is simple. You start with the ball at your feet on the left-hand side of the screen, and the aim is to destroy the opposing team’s players (decapitating them or skewering them on spikes, in actual fact) by kicking the ball at them, avoiding obstacles and passing it to your teammates who are dotted around the map in order to line up your shots. Once you’ve taken them all down, the ball catches fire and you have to somehow kick it toward the goal so that it knocks the keeper for six and goes in. This is all against the clock, of course.

Super Party Sports: Football isn’t a complex game by any means, as it features just the one mode of play. With that said, it’s certainly one that will draw you back in from time to time until you’ve beaten all of the levels. What’s here is a decent distraction that’s nicely challenging, and even though it’s over twice the price of the mobile versions at $4.99 (the iOS edition is $1.99) it remains relatively good value. It’s not a game that was ever going to set the world alight and while we wish there was a bit more in the way of variation, it’s an enjoyable way to pass a few hours.

This is total review and some extra information. It will help you to know about the full game.

Super Party Sports Football Best Review

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Super Party Sports Football Best Review for Xbox and recent version

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