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Cheats For Xenosaga: Episode 1 Game for PS2 Free Update

Cheats For Xenosaga: Episode 1 Game

Cheats For Xenosaga: Episode 1 Game

Developer:Monolith Soft
Platform:PlayStation 2
Genre:Role-playing video game

Cheats For Xenosaga: Episode 1 Game Summary:

Cheats For Xenosaga: Episode 1 Game: Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht is a role-playing video game developed by Monolith Soft and published by Namco for the PlayStation 2 and the first title in the Xenosaga series. Der Wille zur Macht, “The Will to Power”, is a reference to Friedrich Nietzsche’s posthumous collection of notes and unused aphorisms, which was intended to become his magnum opus.[1] While supplies lasted, players who pre-ordered Episode I received a limited-edition artbook featuring original art from the game.
Episode I begins the trilogy that centers on the characters Shion and KOS-MOS. A young woman employed by Vector Industries, Shion aided in the creation of the battle android KOS-MOS and is present throughout much of the game. During this game, the U-TIC Organization attempts to steal one of the powerful Zohar Emulators, sources of energy used by humans.
Episode I was written and directed by Tetsuya Takahashi, director of the PlayStation game Xenogears. The Xenosaga series is often claimed to be a spiritual prequel to Takahashi’s earlier game.

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Cheats For Xenosaga: Episode 1 Game:

  • Decoder #8

    When you visit the Dock Colony for the first time, a woman in front of the clinic tells you of a Fish Detector that her husband lost. Go to the Kukai Foundation’s cleaning place and inspect the tuxedo to find the Fish Detector. Talk to the girl in the Iron Man bar, sitting at the lower left table. She says that she lost an important ring and asks you to find it. Go to the Private Beach and go in the water where the fish show up on the radar screen. Run up to every fish and press Circle. Sometimes you will get an item, and sometimes you will not. You can get a Med Kit, a Speed Stim, and the Engagement Ring. If you return to the beach on any return trips, the Med Kit, and Speed Stim will be there again. Give the ring back to the girl in the bar. She will give you the Decoder #8 to open the red door.

  • Whenever possible, fight. You will never know when a Boss is lurking around the corner. Utilize all of your T, E, and S points. Upgrade each attack accordingly and level up your characters. Also save your items (such as medkits and ethers). Whenever possible, evolve your Ethers. One of the most powerful character encountered using is KOS-MOS. She levels up quickly, and when she receives weapons and such she becomes more powerful. Note: In certain parts, KOS-MOS will not be a playble character. Keep your characters at even odds. The game is very unpredictable. Also take advantage of “Booster”, as a lot of times you will die. All enemies possess the same abilities as you do. Whenever possible, stock up on Medkits and also upgrade your AGWS’s.
  • Robot parts

    Torso 2: Dock Colony, Junk Store. Defeat the Arthra 26 series that appears on the central floor of the second tower on Song Of Nephilim system. Destroy the fourth box in the location where five boxes are in a line.
    Right leg 3: Kukai Foundation Cleaners 1F. The treasure box in Bunnie’s house in the Encephlon.
    Right arm 7: Woglinde, front of Sergeant Major Swagger. Talk to Swaine on Woglinde during the Gnosis attack.
    Left Leg 8: Elsa, corridor of the cargo bay. Before the Gnosis attack, talk to the woman in Ironman Bar in Kukai Foundation City Sector 26/27 to learn about the Engagement Ring. Search The White Tub on the second floor of the cleaners to obtain Fish Detector. Go to Gaignun’s private beach and catch the fish that has the Engagement Ring. Return to the bar and give the ring back to the woman.
    Left arm 9: Inside Gnosis mothership, Research Lab 3F. The treasure box guarded by Stribog (the long armed monster) inside the Gnosis mothership.

  • Skip scenes

    Whenever you are viewing a previously watched scene, press Start then press Triangle. You will then skip the entire scene until you are in quest mode again. Pause game play and you will be prompted if you want to resume or skip the scene. This is useful when you have saved a game before a scene and get killed afterwards.

  • Moving quickly and silently

    Tap R2 rapidly when walking around to can hover quickly without making a sound.

  • In-game reset

    Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select during game play.

  • Gargoyle

    You have to face Gargoyle in the Gnosis Cathedral Ship. The Gargoyle actually Commander Cherenkov. You need to have Shion, chaos, and KOS-MOS fight. Make sure that you have the upgraded frame and generator parts for Shion’s and chaos’s A.G.W.S. units. Equip both A.G.W.S. units with a sword since the Gargoyle and other Gnosis aren’t good against close range attacks. Make sure everyone is at least level 18 or higher. When the battle starts, get into the A.G.W.S. units, and only attack the Gnosis on the right until it is dead. Why the Gnosis on the right? Because it can heal the Gargoyle 600 hp every turn. Then have KOS-MOS use med-kits on herself until she is fully healed. Finally attack the Gargoyle.

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