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Messiah Demo Patch Update 2016 Free Download

Messiah Demo Patch Update 2016

Messiah Demo Patch Update 2016

Developer:Shiny Entertainment, Tommy Tallarico Studios
Platform:Microsoft Windows
Genre:Third-person shooter
Mode:Single player
Release Date:March 31, 2000

Messiah Demo Patch Update 2016 Summary:

Messiah Demo Patch Update 2016: The player controls Bob, a putto sent by God to clean up the corruption and sin on Earth. After making his way through the world and defeating a genetically modified super-human, Bob is asked to return by God, telling him that if humans are prepared to tamper with His creations, there is no place for Him on Earth and leave them to their own devices.
Bob refuses and this act of defiance attracts the attention of Satan, who follows Bob and attempts to lead him astray. As the story progresses, it becomes quite clear that Satan is behind the corruption on Earth, and it’s up to Bob to stop him.

Messiah Demo Patch Update 2016:

  • Fixed graphical corruption when high resolution character setting was selected.
  • Game no longer calls setgamma more than once per frame to avoid pallette corruption and system hangs on the GeForce video cards.
  • Added menu option to turn on functionality for FSAA on Voodoo 5 and GeForce 2 video cards.
  • Menu option added to disable level pre-loading to address an issue where some systems would hang during heavy combat or loading of a new area.
  • Graphic corruption fixed when quitting current game and starting a new one from the main menu.

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