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Myst III Exile 2016 Update Patch v1.22 Download Free for all OS

Myst III Exile 2016 Update Patch

Myst III Exile 2016 Update Patch

Developer:Presto Studios
Platform:Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Genre:Graphic adventure, puzzle
Release Date:May 8, 2001

Myst III Exile 2016 Update Patch Summary:

Myst III Exile 2016 Update Patch: Myst III: Exile is the third title in the Myst series of graphic adventure puzzle video games. While the preceding games in the series, Myst and Riven, were produced by Cyan and published by Brøderbund, Exile was developed by Presto Studios and published by Ubisoft. The game was released on four compact discs for both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows on May 8, 2001; versions for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 were released in late 2002.
As in previous games, the player assumes the role of the Stranger, a friend of Atrus. A member of the D’ni race, Atrus can create links to other worlds called Ages by writing descriptive books. In Exile, Atrus has written an Age for the D’ni to live on while rebuilding their civilization; it is stolen, however, by a mysterious figure. The Stranger pursues the thief in an attempt to reclaim Atrus’ book.

Myst III Exile 2016 Update Patch:

  • This patch upgrades Myst III: Exile for PC to version 1.22. If you are unsure which version you currently have installed hold down CTRL while starting the game. In the bottom left corner of this first window, you will see the version. To install the patch, download the appropriate file to your system, then run it to install the patch.
  • Fixed bug where Music stopped playing part-way through the game.
  • Fixed missing 3D effect in Edanna with Kyro II chipset video cards.

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