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Necrovision Full Save Game 100% for windows PC free Download

Necrovision Full Save Game

Developer:The Farm 51
Publisher:1C Company, 505 Games, Aspyr Media
Title:Necrovision Full Save Game
Platform:Microsoft Windows
Genre:First-person shooter
  • Save Details:
  • Installation

The game done 100 % Complete

  • Extract the archive file & Copy all savegame files
  • Paste To C:\Program Files (x86)\necrovision\profiles\default\

Necrovision Full Save Game:

Necrovision Full Save Game: NecroVisioN is a World War I “alternate” history horror first-person shooter developed by Polish developer The Farm 51 and published by 505 Games. It was released for the Microsoft Windows platform on 20 February 2009. The game was also published by Aspyr Media in the United States, on May 25, 2009, and Canada on August 10, 2009. A prequel entitled NecroVisioN: Lost Company was released in February 2010.

NecroVisioN is a first-person shooter which also has a close-combat system and an ability to use both arms with different weapons. The health system is based on limited regeneration, with an ability to use a health pack or a red shard to restore it. Slain enemies may drop health or mana, which is used for spells. The gameplay is varied, and includes combo system, challenge mode, and storyline sections where player pilots a Vampire-made robotic exosuit and rides a dragon.
There are no demonic spells, weapons or powers. The player can choose either to be a Human, Undead or a Vampire. The modes are Free for All, in which players fight each other in a classic deathmatch mode; Capture the Artifact in which teams attempt to capture a vampiric artifact and bring it to their base; Team Deathmatch in which players are grouped into teams to fight each other in a classic deathmatch mode; and Last Man Standing in which players start the game with additional health and fight each other. The last player left alive wins the match.

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Short Review

Short Review

NecroVisioN is a first person shooter that immerses gamers in the claustrophobic trenches and bunkers of the First WorldWar. Reminiscent of a Lovecraft horror, NecroVisioN seamlessly mixes the harrowing battlefields with a nightmarish demon and vampire underworld, unleashing a truly visceral experience. The year is 1916 and the Great War has been raging for two long years when Simon Buker, a US army soldier, joins the front line with the allied forces. During the ferocious fighting, Buker and his battalion get lost behind enemy lines while trying to break through to allied positions. While being pushed back into defensive positions they stumble across a series of mysterious trenches where all is not as it seems. As they push forward they discover that there is a greater evil hiding underneath the battlefields of the Great War, an evil which is forcing its way to our world and threatens to change the delicate balance of power. Battling his way through the trenches, Buker uncovers an enemy more deadly than anything he has ever encountered. Demons and vampires wage a brutal underground war, which is spilling into the human world, and Buker finds himself fighting not only for his own survival, but the survival of Mankind.

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