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Outcry Save Game Complete for Windows Free Download

Outcry Save Game Complete

Developer:Phantomery Interactive
Publisher:The Adventure Company
Title:Outcry Save Game Complete
Platform:Microsoft Windows
Genre:Point-and-click adventure
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  • Installation

The game done 100 % Complete

  • Extract the archive file & Copy all savegame files
  • Paste To Game Directory

Outcry Save Game Complete:

Outcry Save Game Complete: Outcry (known as Outcry: The Dawn in Europe) is a first person psychological thriller point-and-click adventure video game developed by Phantomery Interactive, released for the PC by Noviy Disk May 22, 2008 in Russia, and by The Adventure Company September 3, 2008 in the US.

You receive a letter from your brother, a scientist, who invites you to his home so that he can show you the results of his project, and you can get some ideas for your next book. However, once you arrive you find that your brother has mysteriously vanished, leaving all his material possessions to you – including a large, strange machine and a message telling you not to reproduce his experiments.
Disregarding your brothers warning, you start looking for clues that will help you find your missing brother. You discover that the machine he has created is an instrument for making a person disconnect the mind from the body. Recreating the experiment as best you can, you travel to a surreal, dream like place your brother calls The Shimmering World to save him.

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DreamCatcher Interactive SHORT REVIEW:

Short Review

Short Review

Assume the role of a middle-aged writer who receives a strange invitation from his brother that he hasn’t seen for years. Accepting his invitation, you are soon confronted with the discovery of his sudden disappearance and his connection to a mysterious machine which, according to your brother, can separate one’s consciousness from his body.

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