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Zanzarah The Hidden Portal Cheats For Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Zanzarah The Hidden Portal Cheats

Zanzarah The Hidden Portal Cheats

Publisher:THQ, Daedalic Entertainment
Developer:Funatics Development
Platform:Microsoft Windows
Genre:Action-adventure, Role-playing

Zanzarah The Hidden Portal Cheats Summary:

Zanzarah The Hidden Portal Cheats: ZanZarah: The Hidden Portal is an action-adventure video game by the German company Funatics Development, released in 2002 by the publisher THQ. An expansion was in development in 2002, but was later cancelled. The game involves travels and combats in a magical world loosely associated with our own world.
The overall gameplay in ZanZarah: The Hidden Portal is a simple example of the action-adventure genre. Following the tradition of the Pokémon series, the game is divided into exploration and battle phases. In the exploration phase, the player navigates Amy through the world of ZanZarah. Freedom of movement is limited by many obstacles, such as prickly bushes, huge boulders, enemies, doors, or elevators that one has to find keys for, etc. In the classic action-adventure style, Amy explores the environment, solves various puzzles, gathers items, and interacts with NPCs. Another aspect of the non-battle phase is RPG-like healing, restoring magic powers, assigning spells to the fairies, and rearranging the fairy deck Amy has with her on her travels.
Traveling via the global map is impossible, but Amy can use magical teleportation runes to shift to virtually any key location—provided, of course, that she has already found the corresponding rune. One rune can even teleport her back to London where all fairies she has captured, but not added to her deck, stay. It is nearly impossible for Amy to die in ZanZarah (apart from falling from a cliff, drowning in a swamp, or jumping into a river of lava), and even if she dies, she resumes her journey at the entrance to the location with all the inventory and fairy statistics she had prior to her death.
The battle phase begins when Amy is attacked by a wild fairy or challenged to a fairy duel, and ends when all enemies or her own fairies are defeated. In the latter case, Amy dies and respawns at the entrance to the location in the condition she was in prior to the battle. While in the battle phase, the player navigates one fairy out of Amy’s deck through a dueling arena (of which there are dozens of layouts) in a first-person shooter style. Each fairy has two offense-defense pairs of spells which it can switch to at any time. To actually shoot at an enemy with an offensive spell, the player must hold down the left mouse button to accumulate some charge rather than just tap it. It is important to have some knowledge of arena layouts and good timing to pull off the most deadly attacks.

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Zanzarah The Hidden Portal Cheats:

  • Cheat List
    Add “-console command” to the MS-DOS or Windows Shortcut command to permit access to the developers console. Press F11 to access the console. Fairy wins current battle: duel victory Spawn item: item Get fairy: wizform Get spell: spell Play FMV sequence: video List commands: help
  • Cheat: Items
    Use these codes with the spawn item cheat: 0: Small Health 1: Medium Health 2: Large Health 3: Healing Leaf 4: Fairy Coin 5: Test Amulet 6: Crystal 7: Medicine 8: Fairy Horn 9: Amulet of Experience 10: Clover Leaf 11: Test Amulet 12: Reserved Magic Card 13: Golden Carrot 14: Reserved Magic Card 15: Ocean Conch 16: Pixie Bag 17: Silver Sphere 18: Golden Sphere 19: Crystal Sphere 20: Garlic Atomizer 21: Catacomb Key 22: Heavy Iron Key 23: Key of the guardian of Pixies 24: Rufus House Key 25: Key to Dwarf Factory 26: Quilins Staff Of Rule 27: Key to the Town Hall 28: Rune of return 29: Rune of the Fairy Garden 30: Rune of Tiralin 31: Run of Dunmore 32: Rune of Dwarf Tower 33: Rune of the Cave World 34: Rune of the Ice World 35: Rune of the Realm of Clouds 36: Rune of the Shadow Realm 37: Rune of the Cottage Rune 38: Forest Rune II 39: Swamp Rune II 40: Mountain Rune II 41: Cave Rune II 42: Sky Rune II 43: Dark Rune II 44: Fairy Corel of Air 45: Fairy Corel of Earth 46: Fairy Corel of Fire 47: Fairy Corel of Nature 48: Fairy Corel of PSI Magic 49: Reserved Magic Card 50: Reserved Magic Card 51: Evolutionary Magic of Air 52: Evolutionary Magic of Fire 53: Evolutionary Magic of Nature 54: Elemental Key of Fire 55: Elemental Key of Air 56: Elemental Key of Nature 57: Elemental Key of Earth 58: Book of Fairies 59: Fairy Bag 60: Mana Potion 61: Molding Magic 62: Map of the Fairy Garden 63: Map of the Enchanted Forest 64: Map of the Mountain World 65: Map of the Dark Swamp 66: Map of the Shadow Realm 67: Map of the Realm Of Clouds 68: Reserved Magic Card 69: Reserved Magic Card 70: Tools of the Dwarfs 71: Red Bone Key 72: Green Bone Key 73: Blue Bone Key

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