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Zoo Empire Cheats Update 2016 Free For Windows PC HD

Zoo Empire Cheats Update 2016

Zoo Empire Cheats Update 2016

Publisher:Enlight Software
Developer:Enlight Software
Platform:Microsoft Windows
Genre:Construction and management simulation

Zoo Empire Cheats Update 2016 Summary:

Zoo Empire Cheats Update 2016: Zoo Empire is a 3D interactive construction and management simulation, much like Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2. The player must successfully create and manage a zoo that gathers sufficient profits. As the player moves through the game, he will acquire objects that can improve game play. The object of the game is to create a “zoo empire”. Zoo Empire has a platinum edition, Marine Park Empire, which added aquariums and marine animals, but also includes the other animals.
Marine Park Empire is a platinum edition of Zoo Empire released on September 22, 2005. Marine Park Empire includes major updates such as better AI, new interface, a major graphics update, and overall an easier-to-manage way of running one’s empire. Marine Park Empire also introduces new marine animals, but still contains all animals from Zoo Empire. It has 60 animals, over 150 game structures, and 21 scenario scene.

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Zoo Empire Cheats Update 2016:

  • $100,000:

    Press [Shift] + [Alt] +C during game play.

  • Special animals:

    You can unlock animals such as the Asian Black Bear, Przwlaskis Wild Horse, Albino Gorilla, Chinese Alligator, etc. Research the strongest fence and go to the bottom of the list of animals. All the ones after the Chinese Alligator are the ones that can be unlocked unlock during scenarios. Rainforest Zoo has the Przwlaskis Wild Horse and Asian Black Bear. Condition:Critical has the Albino Gorilla and Asian Black Bear.

  • Special terrain maps:

    You can also unlock special terrain maps by completing scenarios. For example, Rainforest Zoo will unlock the Rainforest zoo terrain.

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