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ZZT ANSI Game Cheats for PC Update 2016 DOS

ZZT ANSI Game Cheats for PC Update

ZZT ANSI Game Cheats for PC Update

Publisher:Epic MegaGames
Developer:Tim Sweeney
Genre:Puzzle, Game creation system

ZZT ANSI Game Cheats for PC Update Summary:

ZZT ANSI Game Cheats for PC Update: ZZT is an ANSI character-based video game, created in 1991 by Tim Sweeney of Potomac Computer Systems which became Epic MegaGames in 1992. It remains a popular MS-DOS game creation system[citation needed]. ZZT itself is not an acronym for anything; its title was chosen so it would always appear at the bottom of newsgroup listings. It was later jokingly mentioned by Sweeney as being short for Zoo of Zero Tolerance, which has mistakenly become a popular belief.[citation needed] ZZT ’​s graphics used the same style of text-mode graphics that Kingdom of Kroz used 4 years earlier. Often referred to as ANSI, the character set used in the game is actually IBM/MS-DOS Code page 437, which differs from the most common form of ANSI found today, Windows-1252. Despite the outdated graphics, ZZT became fairly popular because of its integration of an object-oriented scripting language known as ZZT-OOP. The language allowed community involvement that extended beyond simply creating level terrain with the built-in editor.
Originally ZZT was shareware, with only one of the four level-sets or “worlds” released without payment. The level released with the shareware copy is called “Town of ZZT”. The shareware versions also included “Demo of ZZT”, which displayed the basic features of ZZT worlds, and “Tour of ZZT”, which allowed the player to view select rooms (some playable) of the four worlds. Three different versions of shareware ZZT were released, with three corresponding registered versions. With about 30,000 registrations worldwide, ZZT was successful enough to finance the production of Jill of the Jungle. As the game became obsolete it became freeware, however, with all four worlds of the registered version released for free. The worlds are: “Town of ZZT”, “Caves of ZZT”, “Dungeons of ZZT”, and “City of ZZT”.

Source Wikipedia

ZZT ANSI Game Cheats for PC Update:

  • Cheat Codes
    To activate a cheat, press [Shift] + [?] and enter its corresponding code.
  • Cheat Code
    All keys KEYS Ammunition AMMO Clear surrounded by 4 squares ZAP Debug mode (OFF) +DEBUG Debug mode (ON) -DEBUG Full health HEALTH Gems GEMS Illuminate room -DARK Obfuscate room DARK Torch TORCHES

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