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Majesty Game Full Patch Update Free Download for all device

Majesty Game Full Patch

Majesty Game Full Patch

Publisher:Infogrames, Linux Game Publishing, MacPlay, MicroProse
Developer:Cyberlore Studios
Platform:Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone
Genre:Real-time strategy
Mode:Single player, multiplayer
Release Date:2000

Majesty Game Full Patch Summary:

Majesty Game Full Patch: Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is a real-time strategy video game developed by Cyberlore Studios, and published by MicroProse for Windows in March, 2000. MacPlay released a Mac OS port in December, 2000. Infogrames released the expansion pack Majesty: The Northern Expansion for Windows in March, 2001, and Majesty Gold Edition, a compilation for Windows bundling Majesty and The Northern Expansion, in January, 2002. Linux Game Publishing released a Linux port of Majesty Gold Edition in April, 2003. Majesty Gold Edition was re-released by Paradox Interactive under the name Majesty Gold HD Edition in March, 2012, adding support for higher resolutions and including two downloadable quests that were incompatible with the original release of Majesty: The Northern Expansion.

Majesty Game Full Patch:

  • All Hotkeys now function as expected.
  • Eliminated the bug that would allow the copious casting of Sorceror’s Abode spells provided that the spells were hotkeyed.
  • Fixed the bug related to the saving of Freestyle Quests.
  • Outposts no longer cost a negative amount after building the fourth Outpost.
  • Selecting “Multiplayer Internet Game” in the multiplayer options menu no longer sends you to “The Zone” (which no longer supports Majesty). It now sends you to “GameSpy Arcade” (which does).
  • Music now continues even if you have completed your quest and choose to continue playing.
  • Two missing portraits added to the Hall of Champions
  • (Update #1) Added ability to play multiplayer games on GameSpy Arcade.

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