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Men of War Red Tide Save Game Full For Free Download All OS


Developer:Best Way, Digitalmindsoft
Publisher:1C Company, 505 Games, Aspyr Media
Title:Men of War Red Tide Save Game
Platform:Cloud (OnLive), Microsoft Windows
Genre:Real-time strategy and real-time tactics
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Men of War Red Tide Save Game:

Men of War Red Tide Save Game: Men of War: Red Tide (Russian: Чёрные бушлаты) is a real-time strategy and real-time tactics video game and the sequel to the game Men of War, developed in partnership with Best Way by Digitalmindsoft and published by 1C Company. Game concept and scenario are elaborated by Alexander Zorich, modern Russian writer and scenarist. The game’s single player focuses on the Soviet Naval Infantry of the Black Sea Fleet. The arsenals of two more countries, Italy and Romania, are also introduced to the series.

Most of the gameplay features from the first Men Of War were reused in Red Tide, with several small bug fixes and tweaks to make it more enjoyable. In campaign mode, missions are generally longer and more difficult than the ones in its predecessor.
The Soviet Union is the only playable faction in campaign mode. Other factions (Italy, Germany and Romania) can be used in the editor. The editor is only accessible through some work with the games files. Red Tide does not include a multiplayer mode however. Men Of War: Red Tide features one of the largest campaigns in the series with a total of 28 missions divided into 6 campaigns. There is also a large historical encyclopedia with information on the Black Sea Fleet and the battles for Odessa, Sevastopol, etc.

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Short Review

Short Review

Men of War: Red Tide is a sequel to the critically acclaimed RTS Men of War. Red Tide introduces a new story driven campaign based on the writings of Soviet scribe Alexander Zorich, it also includes dozens of new or upgraded units and weapons. Men of War: Red Tide is a stunning mixture of RTS and a third-person action that introduces a new fighting force known for its brutal efficiency during the height of World War II. Played out across more than 20 missions, Men of War: Red Tide allows to take command of the feared “Black Coats,” the nickname given to Soviet Marines, an elite combat group specializing in engagements near the shoreline. The player has direct control of new game units including the Black Coats, tanks, self-propelled guns, armored trains, landing craft, artillery and new enemy emplaced weapons to capture and use. New air support options include fighters, bombers, hydroplanes; cruisers, destroyers and gun boats which provide naval fire support. Fighting during the Black Sea Campaigns of WWII, history buffs and WWII aficionados will recognize theaters of battle such as Odessa, Sevastopol, Theodosia, Eltingen, Nikolaev and Constanta.

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