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WWE Wrestlemania XXI Cheats update for xbox latest

WWE Wrestlemania XXI Cheats

WWE Wrestlemania XXI Cheats

Developer:Studio Gigante
Genre:Professional wrestling

WWE Wrestlemania XXI Cheats Summary:

WWE Wrestlemania XXI Cheats: WWE WrestleMania 21, also known simply as WrestleMania 21 or Wrestlemania XXI, is a professional wrestling video game released on the Xbox game console by THQ. It is based on WWE’s pay-per-view event of the same name. It is also the successor to Raw 2. The game was the last WWE game released to the original Xbox.
WrestleMania 21 includes superstars from WWE Raw 2 and new wrestlers, including: Charlie Haas, Lance Cade, Rene Dupree, and Eugene. The game features a new reversal system dubbed the Pro Reversal System. This feature allows for simpler functionality with reversing an opponent’s move.

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WWE Wrestlemania XXI Cheats:

  • Make offline superstar work online

    Normally when you create a superstar offline, you can not use it on Live. However, if you go into CAS mode while signed into Live, you can simply duplicate your superstar and now that clone will work on or offline. You still need to be signed into Live to be able to edit him though.

  • Play as Big Show 2003 without unlocking him

    Go to Exhibition mode, Single, and choose a singles match. When you get to the superstar choose screen choose Big Show as player one. Hit back and return to the controler set-up screen. Hit A again and to go to the superstar set up screen. Move down and Big Show 2003 will be available to play as in any Singles match.
    NOTE: If you play any other match type (tag,trip. threat,rumble) the glitch will not work again until you reset the x-box.

  • Unlockable: $100,000

    Earn Rising Star prestige.

  • Unlockable: $300,000

    Earn Superstar status

  • Unlock Elemination Chamber

    To unlock Ec u must win 5 matches and those matches u must play as Shawn Micheals in any type matches.

  • Unlock Hulk Hogan
    To unlock hulk Hogan tap (X, B, B, X) on the main menu where it says press start.
  • Infinate Money

    On any of your profiles if you want to buy something but dont want to waste your money, Simply copy that profile to a memory card and buy the item. Go to your memory card then copy it to your xbox you will then have the item you just bought and all of your cash back.

  • Career mode

    In order to unlock career mode, you must first create your own wrestler. You cannot play career mode with a WWE Superstar or WWE Diva.

  • All WWE Shopzone items unlocked
    Hold L+R and press A+B+X+Y at the “Press Start” screen. Then, press Start. All items in the WWE Shopzone will be unlocked and will remain that way until you play a match. Also, all arenas and legends will be unlocked for one match. The code can be repeated to unlock them again.
  • Steel cage match: Easy win

    When on a steel cage, Irish Whip your opponent off. Then, go to the side and press X to jump off and hurt your opponent on the ground.

  • Edges music

    If you play a match as Edge and win, it will play his music that he had before his theme by Alterbridge.

  • Recreate Batista vs. Triple H rematch

    Enter exhibition mode and do a regular singles match. Go to Wrestlemania 21 and have your match. The winner of this match is Batista. Note: You cannot play for the World Champion Belt. You can do this to any PPV event rematch.

  • Legend vs. Legend Killer rematch

    Go to exhibition mode and do a singles match with The Undertaker and Randy Orton. Then, choose Wrestlemania 21 and then have your rematch of Legend vs. Legend Killer.

  • Create a championship

    Create the Intercontinental Title, WWE Championship, The World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Tag Team Titles, and Womans Championship under Create a Championship. Go into exhibition mode and fight for the titles.

  • Easy submissions

    When you have someone in a submission hold, alternately press X, A instead of just one button repeatedly as the game prompts. The bar on top for the hold will move towards submit very quickly. It will not cause your opponent to tap out however, unless the body part you are applying it to is yellow, almost orange.

  • Table match: Easy win

    Irish Whip your opponent into a table. Follow this up with a Piledriver or DDT for the easy win.

  • Season mode: Easy win

    Batter your opponent, and when it gets between two and three minutes, get your opponent on the floor and press Start. Then, return to the menu and you should be the winner. Note: This only works in single matches.

  • Easy money

    Depending on the match type (Single, Cage, Royal Rumble), big money can be earned quickly. First, make a profile. This is the only way to earn money outside of Career mode and get paid. After making the profile, go to any match desired (Royal Rumble recommended). This can take up to an hour, but is worth it. If you win the match quickly and throw out a decent amount of people, you can earn up too $10,000 for winning, which is only enough for one attribute but it adds up quickly. Depending on how high the difficulty is set, you may even get more. Probably the easiest way to get a quick $2,500 is to set up a “Singles” or “Ladder” match with two human players but only play yourself. By doing this, you can do a few very powerful moves to a uncontrolled opponent. Also if you stand there and mock and get your Heat meter full, you will get bonus money when you do your finisher to the uncontrolled opponent. You will get paid every time you win in and out of Career. If you have the skill and want to try this, go to the options menu and under “Gameplay”, switch the difficulty to something harder. That harder the difficulty, the more money you will get.

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