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XIII Video Game Cheats Gull and Working Free Update

XIII Video Game Cheats

XIII Video Game Cheats

Publisher:Ubisoft, Marvelous Entertainment, Feral Interactive
Developer:Ubisoft Paris, Southend Interactive, Zonic
Platform:Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, OS X
Genre:First-person shooter, Stealth

XIII Video Game Cheats Summary:

XIII Video Game Cheats: XIII is a first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Paris and published by Ubisoft for most platforms except for the OS X version, which was published by Feral Interactive. Loosely based on the first five volumes of the 1984 Belgian graphic novel series XIII, the protagonist Jason Fly (XIII) is a confused and amnesic man who searches for his identity throughout a comic book-style, cel-shaded world. Found stranded on a beach by a lifeguard, Fly is accused of having killed the President of the United States. The accusation later transpires as mistaken, as Fly finds himself facing a gang of 20 conspirators (“The XX”) who aim to overthrow the government.
The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and OS X. A reimagining of XIII, the point-and-click adventure game XIII: Lost Identity, was released on 17 October 2011 for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

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XIII Video Game Cheats:

  • Ever wake up with no memory of yourself? No idea how you ended up on the shores of a deserted beach? No name, no past, no future? Sure you have! XIII, however, is a bit different than you. His identity is shrouded in a cloud of government conspiracy and not the haze of an alcoholic stupor. Who is XIII? Thats why we play the games, son, to find out.
  • Inside this fine IGN guide, youll find everything you need to uncover the true identity of XIII. Discover the conspiracy, save the President, and be home by dinner. Turn the page to find: Basics –
    First person shooter? Uhhh whazzat? We give you the tools necessary to fulfill your vengeance.Walkthrough – Every turn, every gunshot, every Medkit. Dont get stuck!Multiplayer – Your game of XIII looking more like a game of IV or V? Learn the skills you need to succeed against your buddies.Secrets – Sexy hidden goodies that will make you forget your own name.
  • From French comic to multi-console sensation, XIII has made an amazing transformation to a flatscreen TV near you. Youve got the game, now own it with our complete and in-depth strategy guide.
  • Cheat Mode
    Hit F2 while playing to bring up the console window. Enter any of the following codes to earn the corresponding cheats:
  • maxammo:
    Full ammo for equipped weapon
  • healme [#]:
    Restore health to # entered, with 100 being the maximum.
  • superdeform:
    Give enemies big heat and feet on tiny bodies. So cute!
  • flowerpower 1:
    Like hippie mode for Serious Sam, changes blood to flowers. Playersonly: You are the only one who can move. All others are frozen. Enter again to deactivate.
  • suicide:
    Kill yourself.
  • quit:
    End game.
  • Cheat: God Mode
    Edit the user.ini file in your XIII system folder. Change the “Comma=” to “Comma=GOD”. Press the Comma during gameplay to toggle God Mode.
  • Hack: Invulnerability
    NOTE: This involves editing a critical system file. Make a back-up beforehand or you will be sorry
  • In order to access the coveted “God mode” cheat you must first go into XIIIs level editor. (this comes is in XIIIs “System” directory). From there you must manually set every level to have cheats enabled. To do this:

    1. Open up XIIIs level editor found in the Directory Program FilesUbisoftXIIISystemXIIIED

    2. Open up the map you wish to enable cheats on.

    3. Click on the “view” drop down menu at the top then choose “Level Properties”.
    4. A box will come up entitled “Level properties”. click on the plus sign next to “LevelInfo”.
    5. Usually the second entry down will be called “bAllowCheat”. click to the right of that entry and change the setting from “False” to “True”.

  • Repeat this process on all the rest of the levels.

    Once in the game press F2 to bring up the console and simply type “God” and press enter. if did correctlly it will have a small dialog saying “God mode enabled” and you will be invinsible. You must retype the code every time you start a new level.

    This cheat takes a little work, but If you have been looking for a way of getting God mode within this game it is well worth it! as well as its the only way Ive found to sucessfully get the God mode in XIII.

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