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Xmen Children Of The Atom Cheats for PC Update 2016

Xmen Children Of The Atom Cheats for PC

Xmen Children Of The Atom Cheats for PC

Platform:Arcade, Sega Saturn, DOS, PlayStation

Xmen Children Of The Atom Cheats for PC Summary:

Xmen Children Of The Atom Cheats for PC: X-Men: Children of the Atom is an arcade game that was produced by Capcom and originally released on the CP System II arcade hardware in 1994.
Based on the X-Men comic book, it is the first fighting game produced by Capcom using characters under license from Marvel Comics. Released around the time of the mid-1990s X-Men animated series, the game features voice actors from the series reprising their roles. The game’s plot is based on the “Fatal Attractions” story from the comics – players control one of the X-Men or their enemies in their fight against the villain Magneto. They face each of the other characters in the game in best of three one-on-one fighting matches, before battling Juggernaut and then Magneto himself.
The gameplay has much in common with Capcom’s previous fighting games, Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Darkstalkers. Children of the Atom adds a combo system that features long combos that can even be performed in mid-air. Also featured in the game are various tactical maneuvers, including the ability for characters to roll. Children of the Atom also introduced multi-tiered fighting environments in which the ground would crumble and characters would fall into lower parts of the level. These concepts and the fast pace of the game would provide the basis for Capcom’s Marvel vs. Capcom series, which started with the game’s successor X-Men vs. Street Fighter.

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Xmen Children Of The Atom Cheats for PC:

  • This code will let you play as Magneto or Juggernaut and to let you have unlimited credits.To do this, first, enter the options menu, secondly , enter the configurations menu. Before you choose any of the options inside, type the word “spam” and then enter the system option, change the credits until you see “Free Play”and at the bottom you will see and option called: “BOSS SELECT” which is actually not there. Change it to on then save and exit. Play the game as the second player, choose any character and at the “MANUAL or AUTOMATIC” menu press three the punch and hold it there until it finish loading for Juggernaut, do the same for Magneto using the three kicks.

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