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Yukon Trail Cheats for PC for All Microsoft OS Update

Yukon Trail Cheats for PC

Yukon Trail Cheats for PC

Platform:Windows, System 7
Genre:Simulation, educational, strategy

Yukon Trail Cheats for PC Summary:

Yukon Trail Cheats for PC: The Yukon Trail is a 1994 computer game from MECC, the creators of The Oregon Trail. The game is based on the Klondike Gold Rush of the late 19th century. Players start out in Seattle and must make decisions concerning supplies, a partner, and travel plans as they head to Alaska before boating down a river to Dawson City and staking a claim.
The game starts in Seattle in August 1897 (right before the actual Gold Rush). The player must first choose a partner at the ticket office. The four available partners are an experienced miner named Sadie who struck it rich in Colorado before gambling away all her gold in a game of poker, a native of the Yukon called Linda (her actual name is not given), a carpenter named Jake, or a businessman named Midas T. Golden. Each partner has unique advantages over the others: the miner collects gold more effectively, the native can carry more weight, the carpenter can build and repair more effectively, and the businessman has more money. After selecting a partner the player purchases two tickets for one of three ships to Skagway or one of three ships to Dyea. Tickets are more expensive for ships that depart immediately, and less expensive for those departing later. The player can buy equipment and food for the journey at Pioneer Outfitters, or they can wait until they get to Alaska. There is also a peddler at the wharf who will sell two of the following items: “gold-sniffing” gophers, kittens, a trail bicycle, a folding canvas boat, eggs, or caviar. The gophers, kittens, bicycle, and boat are relatively worthless, but the eggs and caviar can later be resold for profit. The player’s partner can offer their advice on making purchases, but their advice is sometimes unwise. For instance, some partners encourage the player to delay buying supplies until they arrive in Alaska, where supplies are more expensive, or to buy the peddler’s worthless items.

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Yukon Trail Cheats for PC:

  • Best gold mine

    At the arcade in any town, the goal is to get 1000 pts. If you do, the lady will tell you the location of the “best gold mine.” The mine is in the hills above the west bank of Eldorado Creek.
    Choose Above Bonanza Creek #1, Then stake it right away. You should get lots of money.

  • Enable management

    To enable management, enter the following code: mecc

  • Extra money

    If you sell your diary to the news lady, she will give you $20 in gold. Don’t worry; she will return your diary.

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