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Review of Battlefield 1942 with working full version game download link free

Review of Battlefield 1942 with working full version game download link free

Hi everyone! How was your game life? I think it is going well. Today i am come to share with you a great game. The game called Battlefield 1942 a first person shooter game. The nickname of this game is BF 1942. It is a 3D world war 2 first person shooter game.


The developer of this game is Digital Illusions and the game publisher is Electronic Arts. They release this game for only 2 operating system such as Microsoft Windows and OS X. You can play this game with single or multiplayer game mood. It is support all version of Windows OS and MAC OS.

In-game, players assume the role of one of five classes of infantry: Scout, Assault, Anti-Tank, Medic, and Engineer. Players also have the ability to fly various World War II fighter aircraft and bombers, navigate capital ships, submarines and aircraft carriers, man coastal artillery defenses, drive tanks, APCs and jeeps, and take control of anti-aircraft guns and mounted machine guns.

Each battle takes place on one of several maps located in a variety of places and famous battlefields in all of the major theaters of World War II: the Pacific, European, North African, Eastern, and Italian Fronts. Combat is always fought between the Axis Powers and the Allies. The location determines which nation-specific armies are used (for example, on the Wake Island map, it is Japan versus the United States, while on the El Alamein map, it is Germany versus the United Kingdom). The maps in Battlefield 1942 are based on real battles and are somewhat realistically portrayed. On 11 November 2012, EA announced that Battlefield 1942 can be downloaded for free on Origin celebrating Battlefield’s 10th Anniversary, naming it the game that started it all. EA has since removed the product from Origin because of the GameSpy shutdown.

Battlefield 1942 propelled DICE to global acclaim and gave them a multi-million fan base. The game sold over four million copies and has won a number of awards, including the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences’ Game of the Year, Most Innovative Game of the Year, and Online Gameplay of the Year. Most recently, it was dubbed “Game of the Decade” at the Swedish Video Game Awards in 2010. Perhaps more importantly, though, it is the game that started one of the world’s most loved and played gaming series.

You must like this game much. If want to play it right now you can download it from below link.

Review of Battlefield 1942 with working full version game download link free

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