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Wild Wild Racing Cheat Code and Unblocker Update for PS2

Wild Wild Racing Cheat Code

Wild Wild Racing Cheat Code

Developer:Rage Software Limited
Platform:Interplay, Imagineer

Wild Wild Racing Cheat Code Summary:

Wild Wild Racing Cheat Code: It was one of the first games released on the PlayStation 2 and was released on the same day as the console in the US and Europe on October 26, 2000 and November 24, 2000 respectively. Wild Wild Racing allows players to compete in all-terrain vehicle races in various countries around the globe. There are five locations in the game: United States, India, Iceland, Mexico and Australia.
In addition to the off-road racing circuits, Wild Wild Racing includes a series of fun mini-games that allow the player to upgrade and access new vehicles. These challenges are one of three different types; Quest (find the letters that spell out the name of the next unlockable car around the track), Skill (use your car to push a large ball through a crazy golf style course to the finish line), and Stunt (complete an extreme stunt course including jumps over a series of objects etc.).

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Wild Wild Racing Cheat Code:

  • Secret Menu and Top Secret Menu
    At the main menu highlight and select Options. At the options menu hold down SQUARE and press:

    This will open the Secret Menu option on the Options Screen.
    Now enter Single Player and enter your name as

  • As soon as you enter the last “D” youll hear a noise and the screen will flash different colors. By doing so, you will unlock a Top Secret Menu inside of the Secret Menu. From here you can manipulate your game in many ways.
  • Start off in a race quicker
    Heres a cool little trick that is actually pretty common in many racing games. When the clock is counting down from three at the beginning of the race, you can get a small turbo boost if you wait to press X until clock strikes one.
  • New engines
    One little tip for this racer is to play through the Time Attack mode before tackling the Championship races.
  • Each country in Time Attack will reward you with an engine for one of the three initially selectable buggies. By completing the three races per Time Attack (Uphill, Downhill, and Flat) you will gain a new engine that will up the stats on your buggy, which will help a lot throughout the Championship mode.

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