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Wrath Of Earth All Cheats Code Free for your DOS Update

Wrath Of Earth All Cheats Code

Wrath Of Earth All Cheats Code

Publisher:cdv Software Entertainment, SoftKey Multimedia Inc.
Developer:Addix Software Development, Inc.

Wrath Of Earth All Cheats Code Summary:

Wrath Of Earth All Cheats Code: Wrath Of Earth is an action-adventure game made by two no-name companies, one of which has long been defunct and one which now works on IT solutions for commercial and business purposes. Both of these companies should have been working on new games now and into the future, but due to a lack of advertising and hype, this game amounted to very little. Had this game been advertised properly, it would have been huge.
Wrath of Earth starts with you being dropped onto a planet after a distress signal was detected from a mining colony on a planet called Thermadax, which is so far away that the distress signal took five years to reach Earth. The colony is a mess, with very few of the colonists still alive, and various forms of mutated human life and vicious, vindictive robots with large guns roaming around on the surface attacking, strangely, only you. Maybe it’s because the survivng humans are, for the most part, unarmed, and you are in a large exoskeleton-like suit with various formed of weaponry mounted on it. Over the course of the game you explore 2 planets, a moon and a shuttle. While this is only twelve levels, each of these levels will take you more than an hour on average, an probably close to two hours, which makes Wrath of Earth a long game. Add to this any ‘side-quests’ or secrets, and the total playing time for Wrath of Earth can come close to 40 hours, making it one of the longest action games ever made.

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Wrath Of Earth All Cheats Code:

  • Cheat mode:

    Start the game with the woe TranSend command line. Press [Shift] + (Esc) during game play to enable cheat mode:
    Result – Key:

    Toggle clipping – C
    All weapons – I
    Full map – M
    Level select by (Esc) + (level number) – S
    God mode – Z

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