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Wrestling Spirit Full Cheats Code Update with Working Trick

Wrestling Spirit Full Cheats

Wrestling Spirit Full Cheats

Publisher:Grey Dog Software
Developer:Adam Ryland
Platform:Microsoft Windows

Wrestling Spirit Full Cheats Summary:

Wrestling Spirit Full Cheats: Wrestling Spirit (WreSpi) is a series of professional wrestling computer games that was created by British programmer Adam Ryland for the PC since 2004. The games are published by Grey Dog Software. The games in the series are seen as complementary games to ones in Ryland’s Extreme Warfare series. The games cast the user as a rookie wrestler who has to make it big in the world of wrestling, in the similar veins of Edge of Survival Wrestling Federation but with a more serious approach.

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Wrestling Spirit Full Cheats:

  • Match flowing

    Do not ever try to just get in high level moves on your opponent, weaken them with low-level moves, start to soften them with medium, damage them with a high level, and go in for the kill with a finisher. You can try to just use high level moves, but it could cost you the match.

  • Alternate theme song:

    Enter the credits screen, then select “Learn more about Hands Like Feet”. Click on the word “Hidden”. Select the link at the bottom of the screen for an alternate version of the theme song.

  • Alternate loading screen:

    Enter the credits screen, then select Dean Richardsons name. Select the link for the YMCA loading screen.

  • Alternate menu screens:

    With the original Arena backgrounds, enter the alternate menu screen. Enter a small arena, and double click the “Hell Monkey=Ratings” sign. Select the link that appears.

  • Interviews

    If your character has a lot of charisma and/or mic skills, then going for a high level move in the interview such as “Mixed Metaphor” can work. But if you have low charisma and/or mic skills, then try going for low level moves instead. Its important to not let your opponent get the crowd, and going for big reactions can hurt you, try getting small pops then go into big pops without letting your opponent get the crowds attention.

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