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Download Lucius Save Game Free | 100% Complete

DeveloperShiver Games
PublisherLace Mamba Global Shiver Games
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows
ModesSingle Player
GenreSurvival Horror
Release Date26 October, 2012


Lucius is a psychological horror stealth video game developed by Shiver Games and published by Lace Mamba Global for Microsoft Windows. It is centered on the six-year-old boy Lucius, who is the son of Lúcifer. Players take control of Lucius as he murders members of his household, using powers of telekinesis and mind control to orchestrate deadly accidents that lead to the deaths of multiple residents of Dante Manor. Players use their wits and follow hints to ensure they do not leave any evidence that would lead to a mission failing.


When Lucius was born on the date of June 6th, 1966 , nobody expected him to be anything other than a normal little boy. His childhood, spent in the luxurious manor on the private estate of his father, a U.S. Senator, was as normal as every kid’s young years, excluding the extreme wealth of his parents.

The night Lucius turned six, the Devil appears in his mind as a man in a suit and identifies himself as Lucius’ “real” father. The Devil tasks his son with aiding the powers of evil in killing all members of the manor (it’s about a “debt” the entire family has to pay to the Devil, because of all the deaths in a secret satanic place in the house). Lucius kicks off this global takeover by first murdering every member of his household, including staff, in order to obtain his father’s vast fortune and make use of the political power associated with his name. The more people he kills, the more powerful Lucius will become.

Short Review

Short Review

The game received a score of 59/100 and the critics said that it was not that good and not much information was given and the graphics also didn’t seemed to be so well. The game is overall just a play game and if you like it then you can play it.

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

1. Extract the .zip archive 2. Copy savegame files to => Documents\Lucius\saves\

Download Save Game Below:

Download Lucius Save Game Now


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