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Video Games Franchises with most number of sequel:

Welcome to games.mytopdownloads.com and here we are going to present you be top 5 Video Game Franchises with The Maximum Games. This list includes some of the famous games series to other known games. Here those games are not present like Star Wars, and franchises that re-releasing the same game, leaving off game franchises based on licensed properties.

#5: “Pokémon” (1996-)

Going famous over through world with its Pokemon GO! Beginning in the mid nineties with 151 of Pocket Monsters to capture and train, the role-playing series has since grown into a multi-media franchise sporting over 700 species – and more than 50 games to date.

#4: “Sonic the Hedgehog” (1991-)

The blue speedster Sonic made his introduction with the Sega Genesis. Then there was the change from 2D to 3D with “Sonic”, when Sonic’s universe began to fill up with colourful realms and even more colourful characters.

 mega final\

#3: “Final Fantasy” (1987-)

Starting with a moderately straight-forward playing game, it grew into a years-long franchise well-known for storytelling and continuously revolutionizing game.

#2: “Mega Man” (1987-)

The game based on the hero of robots series Mega Man’s started in 1987, presenting challenging levels and bosses. Since then, developer Capcom has; in addition to 10 direct sequels.

mario          mega

#1: “Mario” (1981-)

First and foremost game which is famous and well known is definitely Mario Series. With the large number of releases from the time it came in existence from the time since 1981, and have since diverged off into three decades’ worth of sequels and spin-offs. In the games starring Mario’s allies and associates, having the series of more than 200 games to its name and plus ahead.


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